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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Clothing Haul: Primark & H&M

I love a good shopping spree as much as the next girl so I treated myself to a mini haul affair as I hadn't been shopping for a while and needed some new bits in my wardobe with a splash of colour. Primark and H&M are both alike in the sense that you can uncover some hidden gems amongst all the rubbish and once it's gone, it's usually gone for good. That being said, I'm so happy that I picked up these bits as I know I'll get a lot of wear out of them and they're right on trend for the moment.

Racerback leopard print cotton top - £9.99
Although this top comes in a red/orange colour, the neon yellow spots attracted me to this one as they are spot on (get it??) for summer and adds a punch of colour to any simple outfit or pair of jeans.

Net back leopard print jersey maxi dress - £12.99
I've never worn a maxi dress as I was always under the impression that they would look terrible on me as I'm only 5'3 (and a half) and curvy so I avoided them for the last couple of years. However, when I saw this one in H&M, I thought I would give it a try and it was a winner. It has a little bit of net details at the top of the back and looked really flattering on so I can't wait for it to warm up so I can give this number an outing paired with some gladiator flats and some gold jewellery.

Sheer coral cropped shirt with button detailing - £8.00
I saw this on Shirley of Meek~n~Mild at the Filthy Gorgeous event back in April and I knew that I had to have it. The colour is gorgeous as it is bright enough for the daytime but not too bright for the evening and it looks great paired with blue skinny jeans or black peg leg trousers.

Sheer cream cropped shirt with pocket detailing - £8.00
Another find during my Primark rummage was this sheer cream shirt that I love and have been wearing around quite a lot. Similar to the sheer coral shirt with button detailing, this is a top that can be dressed up or down depenging on my mood and where I'm going which makes it a great versatile piece to have hanging in my cupboard for those days when I don't know what to wear. As it is so sheer, I definitely wouldn't go out with just my bra on underneath so have been pairing it with either a nude fitted vest top or a black fitted vest top.
I'm going to do a seperate post of all the shoes and accessories that I've picked up over the last few weeks so look out for that one tomorrow.
Have any of you been hauling lately? If you have then drop your links in the comment box so I can take a look and maybe I'll be adding the same stuff to my wishlist!

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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21 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. LOVE the pink chiffon shirt. <3

  2. Hi Shiba. Thank you for your comment!
    The shirt is so versatile so I think I might need to pick up the other colours.xx

  3. Lovely haul that maxi dress is beautiful & omg that lovely coral shirt:)

    I LOVE H&M and my town doesn't have one although ones finally getting built in a few months yay, I did go to to the Leeds one the other week & got some bits I still need to haul :)

  4. love the maxi dress! might need to pick one up myself! :)


  5. just picked up the maxi!!! because of u!!!

  6. love both tops from primark! If only we have primark & H&M here :( I myself have shopping like mad the past few weeks. You can check out my haul here:


  7. Lovvveeee that maxi!! Must get my hands on it ;) x

  8. Ooh some lovely items there :) I was the same about avoiding Maxi dresses, being 5ft 2, I felt I was too small, but I got a very similar one from H&M too, love the one you got! Might have to check it out :) x

  9. LOVE the maxi dress and the sheer shirt!! xx

  10. I love that so many of you are now eyeing up the leopard print maxi dress!!!! I'm such an enabler and loving every minute of it!!!

    I'll post OOTD posts as and when I wear any of the items so you can see how it looks on me :)

    Thanks for all the lovely comments...xoxo

  11. Animal prints! Beautiful picks (=

  12. Hi all.
    Thank you for commenting! Let's just hope the weather warms up this weekend so I can give the leopard print top or maxi and outing ;-) xxx

  13. Oh I tried on that pinky top but it looked crap on me! Fab haul - love the maxi too


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