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Monday, 11 April 2011

Show & Tell/Swatcheroonies: Sleek MakeUP Mediterranean Collection

Sleek MakeUP are known for their eyeshadow palettes and how hard their limited edition ones are next to impossible to get hold of, so when I was given one of the new collections to take home with me after the Destination S event a few weeks ago, needless to say that I was a very happy bunny.
There are going to be 3 new collections this year; Mediterranean (below), Carribean and In The Nude. All collections will include a 12 shadow palette, blush and pout polish which will all compliment each other. I was given the Mediterranean collection at the event so I thought I'd do some showing, telling and swatcheroonies for you.

Each product in the Mediterranean collection is named after a different area. The eyeshadow palette is called Monaco, the blush is Santorini and the pout polish is Monte Carlo.
The palette is a mix of both matte and pearly metallic textures so there are a million and one looks you could achieve with them. The pout polish and blusher are both hot pink so look a bit scary in the packaging but let me assure you that once you've actually swatched them and blended them out, they are harmless.

A closer look at the eyeshadow palette in Monaco:

Top row (L-R): Bamboo, Aquamarine and Midnight Garden
Bottom row (L-R): Summer Breeze, Sand Walker and Kiwi Zest


I am not a big fan of matte shadows and find them really hard to work with and it doesn't look like these shades are going to be any easier. Although it seems the formula has come on a bit since the Chaos palette (I don't think I need to remind anyone of that disaster) there is still no major pigmentation in the matte shades. However, keeping in mind that I have not used any primer underneath these swatches, there could be a lot more oomph and *POP* once they are used on top of a good base. The metallic green 'Kiwi Zest' is definitely an amazing shade in this section and one that I can see myself using to achieve a green or blue eye makeup look.

Top row (L-R): Sunset, Washed Ashore and Magenta Madness
Bottom row (L-R): Lotus Flower, Hummingbird and Moors Treasure
This side of the palette impressed me more because it included more frosty-metallic shades that I know I will get more wear out off. I particularly liked the look of 'Washed Ashore' and 'Hummingbird' which I can't wait to pair together to see what it looks like. Although 'Magenta Madness' appears to be more pigmented in the palette, from the swatch you can see that the colour payoff wasn't as vibrant as I was expected. Again, I swatched these with no primer underneath so they may look a lot better once paired with a good base or maybe even a primer such as Urban Decay primer potion in Sin which is a metallic base. I shall have to investigate.

Pout Polish SPF15 in Monte Carlo and Blush in Santorini:

I've become a bit of a lipbalm hoarder over the last few months and have never owned a Pout Polish before so when I picked up the bright red-coral shade in the pop up shop at the Destination S event, I knew my lips would be getting some much needed TLC. However, the bright pink shade in the Mediterranean collection is more my thing as it gives me that "my lips but better" kind of look and it feels really good on. Along with lip balms, I've surprisingly picked up a few blushers along the way but did not have a bright pink powder blush in my collection so I can't wait to pair this one with a tan.

The pout polish is more sheer than I would have thought when applied which is why it is perfect for those that don't want a whole lot of colour on their lips at work or during the day. Also, it has a texture of a lip balm so there is no risk of the sticky lips syndrome or your hair getting stuck to it while you're out and about. The blush swatched really pigmented so application with a brush would have to be very light and sparse or you'll probably end up with Aunt Sally-esque cheeks.

Release date:
Anywhere between May-June

Eyeshadow palette in Monaco: £6.49
Pout Polish in Monte Carlo: £4.29
Blush in Santorini: £4.29

Overall, I have a feeling that this collection will be a hit with everyone as the colours will work for all skin tones and the eyeshadow palette is a good mix of mattes and metallic shades allowing the user to be creative and try different things. As the pout polish contains SPF15, it'll be a handy product to travel with (for those of you luck enough to be heading for warmer climes this summer) and the blush will probably look amazing with a tan.

What do you lot think? Is there anything in the collection that you just have to have or are you going to give it a miss? Let me know!

Until next time...
Keep swiveling those hips in your

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  1. I have been hearing so much about these new products Sleek is coming out with, I can't wait =) Some really beautiful colors great for summer!

  2. I want all of this!! I love the colours xx

  3. I think the Nude palette will be more my thing as I never wear such bright eye colours. Though I do like the look of the pout polish.

    Ms Red


  4. I wish we had SLEEK in America.

    Please follow me:)


  5. Have to get my hands on Santorini!a beautiful island here, and the blush looks gorgeous!!


  6. Thanks for the comments, girls. I'm going to TRY and do a FOTD/EOTD type post tonight so you can see what all the products look like on as I know swatches can sometimes be deceiving.

  7. lovely lovely swatcheroonies as you call them, i cant wait to be able to purchase this xx

  8. Can not wait for this collection, I am addicted to sleek palettes I think Circus is my all time fave.

  9. I want to try a sleek palette. I cant believe I haven't already!


  10. I think these colours are absolutely gorgeous...perfect for summer. And even though the last thing I need is more eyeshadows...or lipbalms or blushes for that matter, I think I'll be having the entire collection.

    Would be rude not to for a total of around £15!


  11. So pretti!!! I hope to find it ^_^

  12. I want everything! I am passionate about the brand. So beautiful...


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