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Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Search Begins...

Hey all!
It has been over a week since I last posted on here so expect a flurry of posts coming your way this week. It's been all systems go here at Chez Stilettos and what with all the 4 day weekends we've had, the blog has taken a back seat for a little while. Well, fear not because I am back with a post to hopefully get you excited again :)

I don't know about the rest of you but I love mascara. I love eyeliners and blushers and nailpolishes too but I really love mascaras. That being said, I'm also very picky when it comes to buying a new one and I think that is down to the fact that I have poker straight lashes with no natural oomph so I expect a lot from a mascara. The last few months have been a mascara whirlwind and I've purchased quite a few new ones only to end up throwing them in the back of my storage unit because they did absolutely nothing for me. Well, that was until I came across the Paula's Choice Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara (you can see the review HERE) but now that I've come to the end of my tube, I'm confused as to which one I should try next.

This is where I got my Twitter followers involved and decided that I would do this post because I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there that go through the mascara dilemma every time they get to the bottom of their current fave. The question that always stiffs me is "Do I go out and buy the same one again?" or "Do I go out and buy something new because I'm bored of using the same one?" - I'm not alone in this, am I?

So, what did Twitter have to say? Check out the recommendations below:

@samantha_hadadi - Diorshow-all the way!

@TheWowza - The Lord & Berry one is amazing!!

@Lianne84 - Max Factor 3000 Calorie

@HellCandy - Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash... Love it

@LucyDartfordPR - YSL False Lash Effect everytime!

@MsDriftedSW - 2True Voluptulash! £2 and epic lashes!!!!

@WellHeeledShoe - Chanel any one of them

@KraseyBeauty - YSL Volume Effets Faux Cils, best mascara ever :-)

@HelenNiceThings - Max Factor Xperience. Seriously amazing if you want a volumised false lash effect.

@thekarleighshow - Lancome Hypnose Drama.

@Houda89k - I am sooo loving my Haute & Naughty lash from MAC. It's amazing!!!

@abloggingblonde - I have used MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash every day for the last year. Wouldn't be without it.

@flavia_carla - Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara. Seperates and volumizes and does not dry or flake out... Amazeballs in a tube!

@ChicBeautyBlog - YSLSinguliere. Just incredible.

@PinkSweetSz - Clinique High Length Mascara! I think that's what it's called. And Collection 2000 Magi Length.

@Tasha_C79 - Bad Gal Lash or Max Factor Lash Extensions

@PrincessElfy - Max Factor False Lash Effect

@dizzybrunette3 - Collection 2000 - Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara :) Fab and it's a bargain.

@BethGlossGalore - Love, love, love Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

@Mademoisel Elsa - all Max Factor mascaras!

@elliemeraldlily - I downgraded from Dior to Max Factor and wasn't disappointed

@SensiChic - Revlon Grow Luscious all the way! My lashes look so healthy! Love it!
Now that is a long list of mascara recommendations to get through!!!!!
Thankfully, I have tried a few of those before so I won't have to rush out and get them and I'm quite surprised with some of the choices on there because I definitely would not have included the Collection 2000 Big Falsh Lashes mascara, or what ever that one is called, but different strokes for different folks. There were a few stand-out names on that list that I do plan on trying though...
- Diorshow
- Lord & Berry
- Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
- Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara
- YSL Singuliere
- Max Factor Xperience - I actually picked this one up yesterday so look out for a review on this soon!

I've heard mixed reviews on all of the products mentioned above but there is only one way to find out which mascara tops them all and that is by trying them all out. Wish me luck. Haha!

Are there any others that you would recommend? Drop your answers in the comments box :-)

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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14 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I'm surprised there's no L'Oreal Voluminous - it's my all-time favourite mascara, I definitely recommend it. I find mascaras with a fibre brush rather than the plastic ones work better for me.

    I'd also recommend the Collection 2000 one (it's in a black and red tube). It gives great volume although the brush is massive so not for people with small eyes. I believe it's reduced to £4 right now (normally £4.99).

  2. Great idea! :o) I am sure you won't want to be adding any more to your list, but loreal telescopic is my absolute go-to, I cannot rave about it enough!! Xxx

  3. Thanks for the recommendations girls. I'll have to add those to my list too! xoxo

  4. Hey chic the Lord & Berry mascara is the Alchimia 3 in 1! Best mascara I have used so far!!!! :)

  5. It sounds crazy however, I stick the classic pink Maybeline. I already have long lashes but it is thick and makes it stand out.

  6. Wowza, where can I buy the Lord & Berry one from?

    Hiya Nina.
    I've never actually used the Maybelline Great Lash mascara because I've heard it's really crap for short lashes like mine. xoxo

  7. I missed this on Twitter due to a hangover I've had for the last week! Gotta love these bank hols. I would say Max Factor False Lash Effect too, I go back to it everytime x

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