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Monday, 4 April 2011

Review: SilkPerfect Púr Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases have been the talk of the town for a while now and I have been resting my lazy head on one for about 5 months now (Yes, I've been washing it) so I thought it was probably about time that I did a review on it and whether I think it is worth the £25.00 of your hard earned money.

The SilkPerfect Púr pillowcase is are 100% Mulberry silk and aim to minimise the signs of skin ageing and improve hair condition while helping to alleviate allergy symptoms. Those are their words, not mine.
The pillowcase has a silk cover on the side you would rest your sleepy head on and the underside is all cotton so it doesn't slip and slide overnight leaving you frustrated and sleep deprived.

The packaging looks kind of dated, in my opinion, but I guess it's what on the inside that counts! Sorry for the packshot by the way, I binned my packaging a while ago and completely forgot to take photos of it - This photo was provided by the PR and therefore does not have my watermark. Just incase you were wondering.

So what does the pillow look like?

This is my actual pillow.
I could have ironed it out and made it look all pretty but that wouldn't really prove anything except that I might have *just* taken it out of the box and laid it out for the photo. Nope, this is the pillow I rest my head on every night and dream of rainbows and candyfloss. Well, not really but you know what I mean. I like to keep it real on here and that means you see my orange bed sheets and creased up pillowcase whether I like it or not!

All jokes aside, I've been using this pillowcase for 5 months, like I mentioned previously, and I haven't looked back since. Even though it doesn't match my bedding and isn't the most glamourous looking pillowcase, I love it. Cotton pillowcases just don't match up to my SilkPerfect Púr one and I think the reason is because it's just a whole lot more comfortable to sleep on and the fact that I don't wake up with my hair all over the place.

Have I seen any improvements in my skin? Some.

When I first laid out my new SilkPerfect Púr pillowcase, I wasn't too sure what to expect of it and whether it would actually do anything to help the condition of my skin or hair but I was open to see it work it's magic. After the first month, I had noticed an improvement to my hair that meant it didn't get greasy very quickly and it didn't look flat and knotted when I woke up in the morning. The skincare effects weren't as obvious but this was because my skin was in a world of it's own that not even a silk pillowcase was going to help with. However, that being said, my skin would feel less dehydrated and tight when I woke up which I pinned down to the effects of the pillowcase so it was doing something right in the end. Also, the fact that I haven't gone back to my cotton pillowcase means that there is something in these SilkPerfect Púr products that have kept me using them for 5 months so they get a big thumbs up from me.

The SilkPerfect Púr pillowcase is available from HERE and is currently on a buy one get one free offer for £25.00 so if you're considering getting one, do it now and you'll get two. Bargain!
Have any of you used a silk pillowcase before? If so, what did you think? As usual, comment in the box.

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  1. Oh man, when I bought my pillows the offer was £20 for two! Can't believe they've increased the price now =_=

  2. Lol What a thing for a PR Company to send to a beauty Blogger Lol, But all the same Great Review!! :) x

  3. Pills, I didn't know that they were £20 before! Maybe they saw such a good response from them then that they decided to up their price a little. Who knows?!x

    PinkSweetsZ, it's not the most exciting product to have been sent but it's a good product for a beauty blogger that talks about skincare and haircare like me :)

  4. They're fab for preventing wrinkles as your face doesn't crease up as much compared to cotton pillow cases I love mine!! yes I also got two for £25. X

  5. I've also noticed that they stop my hair from getting knotty... it also prevents those annoying pillow creases I get on my face! x

  6. I always wanted a silk pillow case. i have heard so much about how great they are and always wanted to know more.

  7. I've used silk pillowcases for years and have put a bit of research into grades/quality etc. The product of this company is made of Habotai silk which is the cheapest and least durable of all silks. I ordered it a while back and was very disappointed with the overall quality, It appears dull and is cheap looking. I am not one for real shiny stuff but I recently came across and got theirs. Its made of 16 momme (momme is thickness of weave) mulberry silk (Mulberry being highest quality silk avail) and feels so much more luxurious without being too 'bling bling'. Their prices are pretty good when it comes to quality versus rate. Think they even have a promo going....
    In short, with proper silk, think you should be careful going for the cheaper rates as its a minefield out there

  8. I've used one of these and noticed the same thing - improvements to my hair but not much for my skin. Definitely would reccomend.

  9. A lot of companies use habotai silk for their pillowcase
    This is a cheap silk usually used for lining silk clothes
    Chameuse silk is the right silk to use because of it's special weave to create less friction on your face and hair when asleep
    At they will send you a sample of their 25 momme silk charmeuse before you purchase so that you can see the quality compared with other silk pillowcases
    silkgifts have got it right, superb quality using the best silk


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