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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Review: The Cloud Nine Styling Iron

I have yet to meet a female who doesn't own atleast one set of hair straighteners.
I own three. Not that I'm proud of that or anything but I do. Old metal plates (So bad for hair), old ceramic plates (from way back when), mini irons (incase I ever have a fringe and find normal ones too big) and the standard ones.
Okay so I own more than three. There are so many out there that I guess we're all kind of spoilt for choice and get a big confuzzled by all the tech-talk, well I know I do anyway. One thing that I do know about straighteners is to always make sure they you are able to control the temperature. With the original GHD's (and maybe even the current range) missing this vital component, I was more than happy to find that Cloud Nine had come to the rescue with a temperature setting and a sleek looking product.

Aren't they pretty!? I love that they're all black and don't have the standard yellow ceramic plate design which would have made them identical to GHD's, apart from the fact that Cloud Nine irons have the adjustable temperature setting.

Here's a little background info on Cloud Nine hair straighteners:
- The irons were the brainchild of the original founders and creators of the GHD hair straightener, although they are no longer affiliated with the brand. Do you know what that means? The brains behind Cloud Nine took their original idea and made it a whole lot better.
- The black plates are infused with some special "ingredient" that helps to make hair shiny and healthy looking.
- Each set of straighteners has a RFID chip which means it has it's own serial number that can be tracked to make sure it's working - Handy but kind of freaky when you think about it, right?

The temperature control setting is probably the best feature to the whole product:
There are 6 heat settings from HIGH to LOW which is great because it means that you don't always have to fry your hair to achieve a super straight look. For example, if you've got fine hair then you'll be able to achieve a naturally straight look at a 100° without making it sizzle.

Now for a BEFORE and AFTER:

This is what my hair looks like BEFORE I straighten it. It's pretty much straight but has some kinks that needs some tidying...

This is what my hair looked like AFTER it had been straightened at 200°...
There are no horrid frazzled strands and my hair looks healthy with a boost of shine. I've tried to straighten my hair with the heat set to a lower setting but I didn't get the finish I was after so I turned it up a few notches but not to high where it would damage my hair and leave it looking dry.

After using the Cloud Nine hair straighteners for about 8 months now, I can safely say that I have tucked away my GHDs and other hybrids for good because these are here to stay. My hair looks healthy and shiny all the time and using a good heat defence spray has also helped with that so it seems I've got a good thing going here and don't plan on going back any time soon.

Cloud Nine irons are also available in wide and micro, so if you've got thicker hair then you might want to invest in the former and if you've got a shorter do, then invest in the micro. There is no excuse not to own a pair! Also, to make things even better, Cloud Nine released their own styling rollers in the form of TheO which deserves a seperate blog post but if you want to see what it looks like, click HERE.

The standard Cloud Nine styler is priced at £129.95 and is available online from the Cloud Nine website along with all other products from the brand.
Also, make sure you go check out the Cloud Nine Facebook and their Twitter page. They're a really friendly bunch and are always around to answer any questions you might have.

Until next time...
Keep swivelling those hips in your

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17 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. These look really good! I could do with some new straighteners. My old Remingtons are starting to get a bit tired!

    Claire x

  2. Hey FashionFreak, I think you should definitely get yourself a pair of Cloud Nine irons.. The Remingtons need to go!xx

  3. See I like these but dont see the point. I need the heat coz my hairs so thick and frizzy. But I guess for fine haired people its cool.

    I feel really bad coz people are like "I need to protect my hair" and I just couldnt give a shit. I know thats so lazy but I really cba to have to panic about damage to my hair.

    I say that now but I bet im bald soon. Then I will regret it.


  4. i was thinking of getting some cloud nine irons, i used a friends a couple of weeks back and there much better then the old GHD model i have, it like doing a arm work out its that heavy.

  5. Hey 6 inch, Great review of the cloud nine's, we use cloud nine iron in my salon and they are pretty fab. I was wondering if you had used their big 'o', a ha, ?????

  6. I got mine from and i think they do big o too.

  7. Hi Tim,

    I have TheO but haven't had a chance to try it out. I did have a go with it at the launch for the product but with my straight hair, it didn't really give it much oomph.

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