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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

NOTD: Topshop 'Cyclone'

Somewhere along this road of beauty blogging and feeding my addiction, I seem to have developed quite a thing for nailpolish and accumulating as many as I possibly can on every shopping trip. It's not good seeing as I'm running out of space and will probably have to invest in a completely seperate trolley unit for them but I just can't get enough right.
That being said, how I didn't already own this nailpolish is actually beyond me. Part of the Topshop Sandstorm collection, this nailpolish is great if you want a break from the colour blocking trade and it actually looks really pretty and elegant on.

This is Cyclone:
At first glance, I thought it was a plain muted silver-grey shade but upon closer inspection, it turns out there there is a subtle shimmer running through it too...

It looks very similar to OPI's Moon Over Mumbai which I received in a swap with Helen of Just Nice Things last year when I was on my quest to find a dupe for MAC's Light Affair nailpolish. However, Cyclone by Topshop is more silver toned and is thicker in consistency compared to it's O.P.I sister which I quite like.

Priced at £5.00, it's hardly going to break the bank and after 3 days there are no chips or tip wear so it has my stamp of approval.

You can buy Cyclone along with the rest of the Sandstorm collection from larger Topshop stores or online.
What do you lot think? Nice change from the brights or out of season?

Until next time...
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