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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Destination S - Sleek MakeUP Goodies

Friday was a busy day for me but I made sure I had time to attend the Sleek MakeUP event at Shoreditch Studios entitled Destination S. The event was to preview some of their new products and be in with a chance to win some fab prizes along the way by entering competitions.
During the day, we were walked through their lipstick range and had our lip prints read by a Lip Teller (I'm guessing that is what that bloke was), we also got our foundations matched, we mixed our own Pout Paints (new product coming this Summer which will be similar to OCC Lip Tars) and were plyed with tropical drinks. Towards the end of the day we were all given the chance to enter the Zumba contest where the winner would win a fabulous holiday to the Carribbean! Exciting, right?

I'm not going to bore you with photos of the event mainly because:
1. I didn't take very many
2. Zara of MouldyFruit nominated herself to be in charge of my camera and ended up taking some random shots before the camera found itself nestled in her handbag. Haha!

I thought I would do a quick show and tell of the products we were kindly given throughout the day.
Please note, this is not a post for me to brag about being invited to the event or anything of the sort. It is simply a post for me to show you some fun things from the brand and maybe some of you who haven't tried products from the brand before might do so after reading it. Simple.

So this is what we were given:

When we entered the venue, we were given the black Sleek MakeUP tote bag with a pen and activity book which we had to fill in during the day after visiting each station. All attendees received everything you see above, bar the limited edition Avoir La Peche palette, Pout Polish and Blush which are from the permanent line.

So, what did we get?

Anna Sui makeup bag with 3 lipsticks in Stiletto, Peaches & Cream and Amped. There are two Stiletto lipsticks in the photo because when we were taken to the lipstick station, we were asked to pick a shade that we loved the most and after picking up a gorgeous coral shade, Zara of Mouldy Fruit pointed out Stiletto and I knew that had to be mine.

New Skin Revive Foundation and a handy mirror. The matching process was quite different as there were 30 models all matched to one of thirty foundation shades available from the brand, what we had to do was find the girl that we felt matched our own skintone best. I decided that I was Sand and I was spot on when the MUA swatched the product on my jaw :) The only problem I have now is that the sample I was given by the MUA is wrong as she gave me Bamboo which is 3 shades darker then me.

Set up at the venue was a Sleek pop-up shop where we could "buy" some of the products that we loved or had been difficult to buy in our local Superdrug stores. I saw buy in inverted commas because we were given £200 in Sleek Money and let loose in the store to pick up what we wanted. Now, before any of you wonder how the hell I only came away with 3 products from their store with £200, let me explain - The palettes were priced at £100 each, Pout Polish products were £50 as were the blushers = £200. There were also the Sleek Kajal's in black and violet, various blushers and eyeliners along with contour kits and powders so everyone was bound to find something they had been dying to get.
I ended up getting the newly launched Avoir La Peche palette, Pout Polish in Electric Peach and Blush in Flamingo - Look out for swatcheroonies of these soon!

The Mediterranean collection! I love this collection and think the colours are all definitely wearable. This collection will launch in summer along with the Caribbean collection and In The Nude collection - I've decided that I NEED the Caribbean collection without fail as it includes a gorgeous bright palette of eyeshadows, bright orange blush and lip pout.

Take a look at the blush from the Mediterranean collection! It's a lot more darker/luminous when you actually look at it so will be one of those products that needs to be applied lightly otherwise you will most probably suffer from Aunt Sally Syndrome.

When we first saw these sitting in a trunk at the event, nobody was quite sure what they were and if they were part of a prize draw but we were all given one of these amazing kits when we submitted our entries for one of the prize draws - AMAZING, right??
The kit boasts all 3 shades of the Contour Kit, 2 liquid illuminators, all 4 shades of the Luminous Pressed Powder, all 4 shades of the Suede Effect Pressed Powders and all 10 Sleek blushers which includes the infamous Rose Gold blush!!!

The event was a lot of fun and I got to meet some of my favourite bloggers and have a laugh with some that I'm lucky to call friends. A major thank you to Sleek MakeUP for hosting a great event and being so generous with their samples... All of these will receive a lot of love from me :-)

Look out for swatcheroonies of all of the products pictured in seperate posts but until then...

Keep swivelling those hips in your

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  1. Oooh, that Spotlight Kit looks AMAZING! I'm really excited about the Pout Paints, and I think I'll be ordering them when they eventually come out. The Mediterranean collection looks fun!

  2. Love the look of the palettes! I have that Flamingo blush, reminds me to use it more often:)

  3. Maria, the Pout Paints are going to be amazing! I really can't wait 'til they get released :)

    BeautyParler, I have yet to use the Flamingo blush but it's definitely a shade that I didn't have in my collection so kind of excited.x

  4. LOL! I was matched up to Bamboo which was spot on, but when I got home, I noticed she had given me Sweet Honey which is wayy to dark for me. It was nice meeting you, and I take full credit [along with Google] for finding out the flags :p

  5. ooh wow!! that spotlight kit looks to die for!! cant wait for the mediterranean collection to come out! looks like you had a fab day, cant wait for your swatches :) xxx

  6. Saira, if you email me your address I'll send over my Bamboo because it's not going to get any love from me!

    Natalie, I'm going to do the swatches tomorrow so will hopefully have the post up by Wednesday.xx

    Dreams That Glitter, I had no idea that Sleek were going to be so generous with their samples. Very exciting!

  7. cool event :)

    Xisses Onyxsta

  8. Lucky girl!
    such lovely colours :-) xx

  9. I enjoyed this event as well! They did an excellent job. Great photos. With all that was going on, so much excitement... hard to stay focused. I did a video for my YouTube channel.

  10. Wow. Loving the Med palette! can't wait to get my hands on it!


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