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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Swatcheroonies: Topshop SS11 Make-Up - Sandstorm Collection

Hey kids.

Now, this collection has been doing the rounds on the blogs for a few weeks and I have yet to use the products in my makeup routine so I'll just show you a few quick swatches.

The new Sandstorm collection hit the shelves a few weeks ago and has had some rave reviewss purely because it's so inexpensive, the products are great quality and the colours and great for the season.
I was sent a selection of the products to have a play with and this is what I got:

- Nails Duo in Zealous
- Creme Lipcolour in Tawny
- Lipgloss Stick in Ablaze
- Eyeshadow Mousse in Tundra
- Crayon in Equinox

Nails Duo in Zealous - RRP £9.00

Made up of a pale liquid gold shade and bubblegum pink, this nail duo is a gorgeous pairing and the consistency is spot on. I used to the gold shade yesterday and I love it. It took three coats as it dragged a little on the second coat but once dry, it is gorgeous and I have a feeling it'll definitely be in my top 10 nailpolishes during Summer. I haven't had a chance to try the pink shade yet but if it's anything like other Topship nailpolishes, I'm sure it'll be great.

Eyeshadow Mousse in Tundra - RRP £8.00

I had no idea this was a mousse-like consistency when I first had a look at all the products and instead was expecting a Stila Smudge Pot-esque eye product but after I poked it and my finger left an ugly dent in it, I figured out it was a mousse. Having never used mousse-like products before (Not even the Maybelline mousse products) I wasn't too sure if this would be something I would like or even know how to use. I mean, do you use a brush for applying mousse products or go with ye old faithful fingertips!?

After opting to use my finger, I found that I quite like the consistency and overall finish of the mousse eyeshadow as it isn't as scary as it looks in the tub. I didn't use a primer in the swatch above but after trying it with a primer, it's safe to say that it still doesn't look overly glittery or dark. I want to try wearing this all over the lid on a night out with maybe a little bit of black eyeshadow in the crease for some definition and a smudgy pencil liner on the lid and waterline.

Crayon in Equinox - RRP £8.50

Similar to a MAC Shadestick and Maybelline Colour Definer, the Topshop Crayon makes for a great all over lid colour and has some real staying power. I loved the shade I was sent and I know that I'll make full use of it in the coming months while I bounce from wedding to wedding during Summer.

Unlike the Maybelline Colour Definers, the Topshop Crayon is more metallic-ish which makes it even better to use as an all over lid colour or maybe to even smudge under the bottom lash line for an extra something something. The only thing I am a touch wary about is the staying power and risk of creasing which is always an issue for me with crayon type eye products so I guess I'll have to go through a process of trial and error and report back.

Creme Lipcolour in Tawny - RRP £7.50

I'm loving lip products this season and have started to embrace the splash of colour a lot more than nudey lips so this might go slightly more unloved than other products in the collection. The creme lipcolour has a lovely subtle shimmer to it which you can't actually see in the photo but it doesn't quite translate once swatched.

Like I said, I'm not a big fan of nudey lip colours so after swatching this lipcolour, I know that is for sure. Maybe the shade I was sent is just too peachy for my skintone or maybe it's that I'm biased and find it hard to explore any shade that isn't pink/red/coral but this just isn't doing it for me. The subtle shimmer that I spoke of before is completely invisible in the swatch above which leads me to think that it would most probably be non-existent when applied on the lips. I'll let you know if I feel brave enough to actually try it out on my lips but if not, it'll be in the back of drawer!

Lipgloss Stick in Ablaze - RRP £8.00

This definitely had be excited as soon as I saw the shade because it's a bright-perfect-for-summer kind of shade and right up my street. I've never tried a Lipgloss Stick before so wasn't sure if it would be really pigmented or really sticky but I am happy to report that this Topshop Lipgloss Stick was neither. It smells like Vanilla (or was it cake?) which is great because foul smelling lipglosses put me off as well as superglue sticky ones.

This kind of reminded me of the Carmex Moisture Plus that I reviewed a couple of months ago on here but without all the lipbalm/conditioning properties. The colour is a gorgeous orange coral shade that I think will only enhance my natural lip colour without looking too garish or Aunt Sally-like. I had a look on the Topshop website and have seen that this also comes in a plum/berry looking shade and have added that to my wishlist!

Having had a good few days to swatch, test the consistency and smell the products I have to say that I think this just might be my favourite Topshop Makeup collection to date. OK, so there hasn't been loads of collections since the launch last year (I think) but this is definitely my favourite. The colours are great for the season and I'm sure there will be something in there for all skintones and tastes.
The packaging is chic and stylish which makes the products look like they are more expensive than they are but they're also lightweight so they won't weigh your handbags down either.
Considering all products I've featured are less than £10.00 I think that this is going to be one popular collection so if anything has caught your eye, get in quick!

Other products in the Topshop Sandstorm collection include a Semi-Permenant Liner, Cheek Duo & Eye Duo - alongside other shades in the products that I've featured. Prices start from £5.00 and the most expensive item is £12.00 so they're great gift ideas or just as little treats after a hard days work ;-)
The Sandstorm collection is available online from Topshop or the larger stores.

Is there anything that you've seen in the new collection that you've picked up or are putting on your wishlish? Let me know!

Until next time...

Keep swivelling those hips in your

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  1. I quite like this collection.. its not too heavy and the pops of colours are a nice treat! The coral lippy isn't as pigmented as I thought it would be though.. hmmm

  2. Great swatches - thank you!
    The nail duo looks gorgeous and so does the Gloss Stick. x

  3. Love the look of the gloss stick

  4. I've looked at the makeup in topshop but never thought about getting any yet.... now I want that eye mousse!

    *gets out shopping list*

  5. the lip products are absolutely drool-worthy for the price!

  6. I wore the Crayon in Equinox on the other day and sadly it isn't as pigmented as it looks in the swatch so I layered a different shadow on top and it looked a whole lot better.


  7. This collection has some really nice products! I love what you picked, especially the crayon. Super gorgeous!


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