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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Show & Tell: Benefit 'Finding Mr. Bright'

Hi all.

Yesterday, the lovely girls at Benefit held an event for bloggers to unleash their new product, Finding Mr. Bright, on to us and see what we thought of it. I've been lucky enough to have gone to a fair few Benefit events now so it's nice to catch up with the team and the rest of the bloggers as it's usually the only time I get to see most of them.
I'm going to do a seperate post on the launch because there is a lot of yap about, especially because we got a sneak preview of the new Benefit skincare range but this post is to show you the new Finding Mr. Right kit.
As a thank you gift, we were all given a goodie bag (or a briefcase because that's what it looks like to me).

This is what was inside:
The current Benefit catalogue, 2 samples of their Crescent Row perfumes, a Benefit USB stick and the new Finding Mr. Bright kit.

The packaging is all cardboard, much like all their other kits, but this one is definitely a lot brighter than the ones I've owned previously. The bright pink and orange colour scheme is an eye-catcher and a half!

So what do you get in the kit?

The kit is made up of 4 Benefit products and comes with a little manual with how best to apply each one. Again, like all Benefit kits, there is a mirror on the inside which makes it travel friendly because you can touch up on the go.

These are the 4 products that you get:
Posie Tint, Girl Meets Pearl, Erase Paste and High Beam. All products are mini sized which is great if you like to keep your makeup bag or travel makeup bag to a minimum. I quite like the idea of smaller products because I hate lugging around a mahoosive makeup bag during the day so having dinky essentials just makes life so much more easier!

This is what all products look like with one swipe. I know the High Beam looks quite scary in the photo above but that was before I blended it out. It makes a great brow bone and cheekbone highlighter once it is blended out and doesn't look like shiny Tippex!
I'm a big fan of Girl Meets Pearl but not too keen on the full size product purely because of it's packaging. It has one of those twisty bases and mine takes ages to dispense any product so I quite like the idea of having a tube of the product that I can keep on me all the time.

Blended out:
I thought it would be helpful if you could see what the products were like once they had been blended out and didn't look quite so scary. I've never used Posie Tint before so was pleasantly surprised to find it's not as crazy looking as BeneTint which was actually meant to be a nipple stain for strippers 'back in the day'! It's a light pink stain which once blended (I didn't blend it out quick enough in the swatch above. Whoops.) leaves a really pretty flushed look.
Also, you can see that High Beam really isn't as shiny Tippex-looking as it was in the previous photo and instead creates a subtle highlight that can be layered on top of pretty much anything.
Erase Paste, a lightweight concealer, is a product that I have been wanting to have in my hands for a while now but I always end up getting distracted by other things at the counter. The concealer comes in three shades, Number 2 being the one that comes in the box, which kind of puts me off because what if you're darker than 3 or fairer than 1? I think Benefit needs a few more shades in their family.

The little leaflet you get in the kit is quite helpful for those who have never used the products before and aren't as tuned in with how to get the best use out of them.

I quite like this little kit as it houses some of my favourite Benefit products so I know that I'll get some good use out of it. However, if you've already got the full size versions of these products then there probably isn't any use in you spending that bit extra to get mini versions... No matter how cute they are!
If you're new to Benefit and really want to try some of their products but don't want to commit to the full size, then these little kits from the brand are great because you get to try 4-5 products in one and can decide which ones you'd go back for and which ones you'd rather avoid.

Also, in conjunction with the launch of the Finding Mr. Bright Makeup MANual, Benefit Cosmetics are holding a competition for ONE lucky person to win a year's supply of products.
ONE YEAR. FREE MAKEUP. Umm.. That is bloody amazing!
To do so, watch the following interactive video that the team have put together about the new kit... Play your role and click on the bits and bobs and you'll find out exactly how to go about doing it.

The new Finding Mr Bright Makeup MANual is priced at £28.50 and is out now. Available online from the Benefit UK site and at all Benefit stores and countes.
What do you all think? Will you be Finding Mr. Bright or avoiding it at all costs? Let me know in the box!

Until next time...

Keep swivelling those hips in your

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  1. Ooo cool, looks fun and some great products. Looking forward to the skincare launch! xx

  2. The skincare launch is going to be fab and from what I've seen and had a little feel of, the products are great. The only problem I'm going to have with them is the price as they are definitely priced at higher end.xx

  3. The products Look Really good!! Looks like you had a good time! Cant wait till the skincare post x

  4. i want one of those usb sticks lol and the finding mr bright kit of course x

  5. Looks lush. New to Benefit and also to "beauty" blogging, how do you get on a list to be invited product launches and also how do trial sample and free products to blog about happen?

  6. Just got this myself. Amazing products!!
    Sounds like a good event.


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