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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Review: Nivea Express Hydration

Hey all.

I've been trying some new body creams/butters/moisturisers lately in the hopes that I will find something new that catches my attention and there have been some pretty good contenders. Nivea has been churning out new products left right and centre lately so wasn't surprised when these two newbies fell through my letterbox a few weeks ago.

After being impressed with the Pure and Natural range from Nivea, along came the Express Hydration range and impressed me again.

I was sent the Body Lotion and Hand Cream from the range...
The packaging is very similar to the Pure and Natural products but just with a different colour scheme and the wave print on the front is fitting.

What they say about the range:
The secret behind the innovation lies in HYDRA-IQ, a new ingredient inspired by the Nobel Prize winning discovery of AquaPorins – special pores in skin cells that regulate the distribution of water. Well hydrated skin relies on a good network of AquaPorins to deliver moisture to the skin surface.
The culmination of seven years of research into AquaPorins, HYDRA-IQ has been shown to increase the level of AquaPorins, thereby improving the transport of water that can travel between cells, resulting in superior hydration.

This is what they say about the Body Lotion:
Absorbed in seconds, NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion harnesses Nobel Prize winning technology to boost the body’s own hydration system, delivering 24 hour moisturisation in an incredibly light, easily absorbed, Lotus Flower scented formula.

...and this is what they say about the Hand Cream:
Sensuously scented with Lotus Flower and packed with sophisticated technology, NIVEA Express Hydration Hand Lotion ‘s innovative formula provides 24 hour moisturisation by actively working with your skin’s own hydration system. The result is incredibly soft, hydrated hands without any hassle!

The gobbledigook on the back of the Body Lotion - RRP £3.89

The gobbledigook on the back of the Hand Cream - RRP £3.05

What I say:
When I first caught whiff of the Pure and Natural range, I was a big fan and loved the scent but I have to admit that after a while it got kind of sickly sweet. Now that I've got the Express Hydration Body Lotion, it's definitely kicked the P&N lotion to side because it smells a lot fresher going on. If that makes sense.
The new Express Hydration range is infused with Lotus Flower which is an aphrodisac (or so I've been told) so I'm wondering if it's going to have one of those "Lynx Effect" type qualities - Yes, I watch too much T.V and am quite gullible. Don't burst my bubble! Lol! I'm definitely loving the Hand Cream because it feels a lot lighter in texture compared to other hand creams and it keeps them hydrated for a while before I need to top it up.
All in all, Nivea have hit the nail on the head with their Express Hydration range and added some more fab products to their already huge range so I definitely recommend it.

The new Nivea Express Hydration range is available now from Boots stores nationwide and online HERE.

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