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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Review & Swatcheroonies: BeautyUK Eye Shadow Collection 'Day & Night'

Hi all!

Happy February :) OK, that's a bit of a crap start to a post but this is my first post of the month and it means that the January Blues are over! Woo!

I'm a big fan of the BeautyUK eyeshadow palettes and have used them in plenty of EOTD/FOTD posts on here over the last year or so. I think that they are a real bargain considering their price and they are great quality too so when I was sent the newest palette to have a play around with I was more than happy.

The packaging is pretty simple and fuss free with the palette and you see what you're getting before you get it.

My first impression of the Day & Night palette was a good one because there is a good mix match of colours in the palette which is a first for BeautyUK. If you're familiar with the eyeshadow palettes then you'll know that they usually go along with the theme... Pastels, Soho Brights, Earth Child (neutrals), Glitz (shimmers), Twilight (blues) and now this. I think the colours in the palette really compliment each other and can be mixed up to create something bright or subdued so I'm looking forward to some new EOTD posts with this one.


Sans flash.
Unlike the former palettes, these shadows aren't as pigmented as I had hoped they would be but keep in mind that I didn't have any type of primer or base underneath so the colour didn't really pick up.

With flash.
The two white/silver shades would probably work best as highlights as opposed to being lid colours because they seem to be quite weak in their pigmentation. Also, the light pink (5th from the left on the top row) is another shade that would either need some packing on or to lighten up a hot pink crease combo. The rest of the shades in the palette are great and really stood out, even with no primer/base underneath so after a good solid layer of UDPP, I have no doubt that these eyeshadows will really 'pop'.

If you want to see swatcheroonies of the other BeautyUK palettes then click HERE.
BeautyUK cosmetics are available online and Superdrug stores and are priced at £3.99 each.

Have any of you tried BeautyUK products before? If so, which ones re your favourites and why? Answers in the box!

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4 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. i love this pallette! So many colours to play around with!

  2. I love the look of these pallettes, been meaning to get one for ages!x

  3. I was funnily enough introduced to these in 2008 by someone in the States who has family over here. Yet I've never seen them in stores =/

    The colours look nice, well now I see there's a website link I'll be sure to check it out :) thanks

  4. You girls should try the palettes... For £3.99 a pop, you really can't go wrong!


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