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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Indian OOTN & EOTN 7

Hi all.

I've got one hell of a busy week ahead of me as my cousin is getting married and in my world that means that I have a full week of outfits to prepare for and wedding events coming up. You see, Indian weddings are about 5 days long as there are parties near enough every night so it keeps us running around and dancing until our legs drop.
Yesterday was the first pre-wedding party in my calendar and was basically an excuse for everyone to sing and dance and make clowns of themselves until the early hours of the morning.

This is what I wore last night:

The theme for the party yesterday was traditional Punjabi attire and I don't think it gets more traditional than an Indian suit with full MC Hammer-style bottoms (aka Salwaar) to go with it!

For those of you wondering what the colourful tassle looking thing in my hair is, it's called a Parandhi (I have absolutely no idea what a translation of that would be!) and the come in loads of different colours. My hair was plaited and the Parandhi, which is attached to what looks like a plait extension, gets plaited in with the rest of it. It's not something I wear all the time to Indian weddings or pre-events but this is what a traditional Punjabi suit looks like so I had to roll with it!

EOTD (Well, it was EOTN):

I've done something like this before on here as it went with a colourful sari of mine but this was slightly different as it has more purple and I actually blended it all out properly this time around.

Products I used:
- UD Primer Potion
- BeautyUK 'Day & Night' palette
- MAC 'Next To Nothing' eyeshadow for the highlight
- Natio Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
- Paula's Choice Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara (review to follow!)
- Max Factor Kohl Eyeliner
- ELF Brow Lifter & Filler
- Natio Clear Brow & Mascara Gel

I absolutely love my Urban Decay Primer Potion because even by the end of the night, my eye makeup was still intact and hadn't faded one bit. Definate thumbs up from me!

If you're wondering how I got the look with the eyeshadow, there is a tutorial using the BeautyUK 'Soho Brights' palette which you can see HERE. It's not the same but it's the closest thing on here to it so take a look at that too :-)

Look out for more Indian OOTD posts this week as there will definitely be more coming up for every event that I go to!

Until next time...

Keep swivelling those hips in your

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  1. Absolutely stunning, the colours are so gorgeous, and the make up is amazing!


  2. So gorgeous! You look amazing hun. X

  3. Wow those colours really suit you, you look fab, Loving the eye make-up lots x

  4. I was going to say, I'm loving the parandi..I used to wear the crap out of them when I was younger, whenever there was a wedding, I'd be there with one on. I haven't worn any for ages though because I don't have any in the flat and back in the day, I used to live with my grandmother and she had them all..anyway, I need to buy some and start wearing them because my natural hair is too short to plait properly.

  5. Your outfit and makeup look amazing! :) xx

  6. The colours are fantastic! I love the outfit and the eyes even more - a definite contrast to the more muted Western wedding colour palette.

    A five day party sounds amazing too - a miniture holidy!

    Cassie x

  7. Love the use of colours!! FAB!! :)

  8. Woah! I was definitely not expecting all the comments so thank you all so much :)

    The new BeautyUK palette is a winner!


  9. I'm so envious! I am obsessed with Wedding shows that highlight traditional Indian weddings, they seem so beautiful and fun! I can't wait to see your looks throughout the week!

  10. Wow you look stunning and your outfit is so beautiful x

  11. soni kudi!! you look like a true punjaban :))

  12. wow! so vibrant that is. I get forced a lot to dress all traditional and stuff at wedding but I totally ignore everyone lol. It's great you play along. You look awesome!

  13. So gorgeous, ur outfit color nice , ur hair tassel is really nice loved it , where can I find same this hair tassel same in ur hair, so cute and u r beautiful lady, good luck


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