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Saturday, 19 February 2011

600 Followers Giveaway!

Hey girls and boys (if there are any!)

We hit 600 followers today on The 6 Inch Stilettos!!!! *Throws confetti in the air and jumps for joy*

As a thank you for everyone that has joined in with all fun and escapades since I first started this blog, I'm going to give away a couple of NARS goodies to one lucky person :-)

What you can win:

1 NARS blush and 1 NARS nailpolish - both of which will depend on it's availability.

To enter, all you have to do is tell me what item you've always repurchased and why.
For me, it has to be Nivea Soft moisturiser because it never fails to please me what ever the season!
For you, it could be a trusty tub of Vaseline or a perfume that reminds you of the good times. Even if it's not beauty related, you could even tell me that you repurchase black flats from Primark all the time if you like!
I just want to know what product keeps you going back for more.

For your entry to be counted you need to:

1. Be a follower of this blog (I WILL be checking)

2. Leave a comment stating what item you always repurchase is.

3. Your name and your email address - This is so I can contact you directly if you win.

I know not everyone has Google accounts that they can enter with so if you are not able to leave a comment on this post, you can EMAIL me your entry at - but please write "600 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY" in the subject box!

Any comments/emails that do not meet the requirements, will not be counted.

Also, no extra entries will be awarded for those who tweet or blog about the giveaway, but if you wish to do so I will be very grateful.

THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY - No matter where you live, feel free to enter!!!

The giveaway will close on SATURDAY 19TH MARCH 2011 at midnight GMT and I will pick the winner using and announce who the lucky person is on Sunday 20th March 2011.

Get in quick because you snooze, you lose!!!

Until next time...

Keep swivelling those hips in your

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134 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I always repurchase Chanel Chance,
    its pretty much my staple perfume!

  2. Congratulations!
    I'm pretty fickle with some products and chop and change regularly, however there ae a few things that i am loyal to. The longest standing that I can think of is gilette venus razors, which i've been using as long as i can remember.

  3. My most repurchased item is probably Rimmel Mascaras, I've never really used any other brand because I cant see paying an extra tenner giving me much better results. My lashes are strange that they never really stick to a certain way. So its best to stay budget and get a good all round scara!

    Lisa at

    Thank you this is so generous!


  4. I always repurchase Batiste Dry Shampoo as its a lifesaver when my hair is looking a bit limp and lifeless. :)

    Congrats on the 600+ followers!

    Felicity xo

  5. Well done on getting to 600 followers, your blog is so fab :)

    I always repurchase Barbara Daly for Tesco concealer. I have used it for about 4 years now and it's actually brill. My email is xxx

  6. Congrats! I recently reached 50 followers and its a wow! lol.. I will always repurchase Carmex, cherry flavour. Its my holy grail and never fails moisturising!.

    Amelia xx

  7. wowww 600 !!

    that's a huuugee no :D:D
    congrats xx

    and what an amazing giveaway, I must say :D

    I always repurchase my nivea soothe and protect lip balm - I repurchased like 5 or 6 of them.
    I also repurchase the elf regular tinted moisturiser which is an awesooome product :D

    my email is
    and i follow you through GFC w/ the name of Dyna :D


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  9. Congrats on the followers girl :)

    I have always gone back to repurchasing Angel by Thierry Mugler. I have so many other fragrances in my collection but Angel steals my heart and I have to go back to it.

    I follow you via GFC (Get Gawjus!)


  10. Congrats on 600 followers! Amazing!
    I always repurchase Chanel Inimitable Mascara! I've tried to change, but I love that mascara too much :)

  11. YAY!! Congrats on the 600 followers - you deserve way, way more hun!

    The one products (in general I always repurchase) is eyeliner!! The stuff is amazing :)

    I follow you through GFC as Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled
    My name is Kaushal :D is my e-mail

    Kaushal xx

  12. Well done sweets on hitting 600 followers, you deserve it!!

    Wow, I have a few key products I repurchase all the time. The most repurchased is mac's liquid last eyeliner. It's the best eyeliner I have ever used, literally doesn't budge/smudge.

    May I also add how much of a nars addict I am :)

    I follow you on twitter and your blog;
    Farrah gray

    Would love to get my hAnds on that blusher to add to my collection.

  13. I think I will keep purchasing revlon colorstay over and over again, it is simply perfection

    My email can be found through the blogger page :)

  14. The one thing I repurchase over and over has to be The Body Shop's Strawberry Lip Balm. I just love the great smell and feel of it. I haven't achieved a similar texture from any other lip balm.

    Name: Ezzy

  15. Congrats on 600!

    I always repurchase Collection 2000 Matt + Minerals foundation because I've actually found a shade which matches my skin perfectly! That's a REAL rarity for me, I usually end up having to mix them :/

    I'm Lily and can be emailed at lily175 [at] hotmail [dot]

  16. Well done on reaching 600 followers!!

    The one product I always repurchase, is Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation, It is the best foundation I have tried so far and is so affordable I love it :)

    Great give-away thanks for this Im a follower :)

    Nicola Howson

  17. Congrats! Awesome giveaway!

    I always repurchase Loreal Voluminous mascara - it gives AMAZING volume!

    my name is roshhni.. email

  18. Congrats on 600 followers!
    I always repurchase Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse as I find it really works well for me. It is partly because i'm too lazy to try and find a new foundation but I love the way it applies with my Sigma brush!

  19. Congratulations! Hope there will be tons more!!
    The one item, in this case TWO, I keep re-purchasing is the strawberries and champagne body lotion and spray from Victoria's Secret. When I used to live in Mexico, way back when, my grandma visited the US and bougj that for me. We moved to the US years after. She passed away, but that smell reminds me of her, so I keep re-buying. I love that scent and the memories it brings.

    Xoxo, Cynthia

  20. i have repurchased rimmel brow pencil innumerable times - it's not the best brow product i've tried but it's one of the most affordable and reliable. i also love elf's brow set - comparing with the benefit equivalent, the colours have slightly different undertones, but they both work for me. seriously, brows are so important!

    p.s. to cynthia above: we don't have victoria's secret in the uk, but i picked up a strawberries and champagne body spray from duty free in the summer - i hated it at first, but it's really growing on me! reminds me of holidays and airports :)

  21. i have repurchased rimmel brow pencil innumerable times - it's not the best brow product i've tried but it's one of the most affordable and reliable. i also love elf's brow set - comparing with the benefit equivalent, the colours have slightly different undertones, but they both work for me. seriously, brows are so important!

    p.s. to cynthia above: we don't have victoria's secret in the uk, but i picked up a strawberries and champagne body spray from duty free in the summer - i hated it at first, but it's really growing on me! reminds me of holidays and airports :)

    Gayatri Sivakumar

  22. Congrats!!
    The one item I will always re-purchase is GOSH darling lipstick :) Predictable but true :')

    Becca xoxo

  23. congrats! love your blog!,

    The product i repurchase is (Kajal) the Mac eye pencil in engraved, or smolder!

    I follow you through GFC as chatterazzi
    my name is Shikha
    my email is

  24. Congratulations on 600 followers, very well deserved.
    I always repurchase Clinique Superbalanced foundation, for me it is perfect. I have tried others but always come running back to this.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Congrats on reaching 600 followers :)
    I always repurchase Body Shop Coconut Body Butter- I love this because the smell just reminds me of holiday and it leaves my skin so soft!
    I follow through GFC :)
    Corrie x

  27. Congratulations on 600. Thanks amazing but well deserved!

    I always repurchase Vaseline. Its in my carry round kit and I use it as a moisturiser and lip balm :)

    Emma computergirl2007blog (at) Yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk


  28. can i put two things i always repurchase?
    first one is amor amor perfume, i've been buying that for about 8 years i think!
    second is maybelline liquid mineral foundation, i must be on my fourth or fifth bottle of that now

    satan_51 at hotmail dot com

  29. There are very few products that I repurchase because I like to try new items but there is one that I can't stop repurchasing. I hate to be *~OMGZ MAC~* but there is one product I will purchase and continue to purchase and that's MAC MSFN. I absolutely love that powder. It gives a nice glow without being shimmery. It can be worn alone to even out your skin tone. You can use it to set other products like liquid foundation.. sometimes I even use it on top of MUFE Duo Mat powder foundation to give a bit of a glow. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

    carressa . s [at] gmail . com

  30. Congratulations! :)

    I always repurchase MAC 'Myth' lipstick - I think I must be on my 10th one! :)

    Catherine x

  31. Awesome giveaway.

    Im following your blog as Ms Red.

    The item I always repurchase is Hugo Boss Femme Perfume, I love it to bits, its light and delicate yet still grown up and great for every day wear.

  32. wow this is a fab giveaway thankyou, and well done :-)
    the product i would always repurchase is Benefit BadGal lash. Makes my lashes so long with just one or two coats! and the wand is HUGE so it gets the small lashes too. love it!
    Maddy x

  33. Congrats on reaching 600 followers!

    There are a few products that I love & purchase repeatedly so I'm never without them, but the longest standing crush has to be on the least glamorous of them - Simple eye make-up remover. It removes even inches of eye make-up in a flash, and never irritates my eyes or dries the skin around them. A real hero product IMO!

    PS I love Nars too - never without Orgasm blush or Dolce Vita lipskick!

  34. Congratulations on hitting 600 followers, im sure that number will keep on growing:)

    I always repurchase my MAC Studio fix fluid as its the only foundation to date that matches my skin tone perfectly.Thanks for the fab giveaway!

    My name is esha and i follow you via GFC. My email address is

  35. I am not loyal to anything, so I don't usually repurchase anything, but if there's something I bought various shades of, it's the lipglazes from Hi-Fi cosmetics on etsy. <3 them!
    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on getting 600 followers !
    Lorraine x
    Martiandelights at

  36. i always repurchase maybelline collosal mascara!
    congratulations on 600 followers :)

  37. Congrats! Clinique toner is my most repurchased item. I never stray!


  38. Congrats on hitting 600 :)

    I'm a follower of your blog via GFC
    As for the product that I always repurchased, it would definitely have to be MAC Studio Finish Concealer with SPF35. It's my absolute fave & would always buy a new pot every year! It's crazy because at $16.50, it's soooo worth it!


  39. Congratulations on your milestone.

    I always repurchase Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner pencil - I love the way it applies to my waterline.


  40. Congrats on 600 followers :D
    The one item I always repurchase is Cocoa Butter - I love it!
    I follow you via GFC as Lipgloss And Leopard Print :)
    My email is,

    -Sriya xx

  41. Congratulations!

    I always repurchase Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation..


  42. Awesome giveaway. I don't repurchase a lot of products but I have repurchased Reviva Labs Glycolic Acid Cream, I love it. Great for exfoliating.

    I follow through GFC and my email is

    -- Jen

  43. i always repurchase carmex lip balm, because its amazing and sorts out my chapped lips!

    I follow you by GFC.


  44. Count me in please!

    I always go back for the false lashes from eBay since they're so cheap but totally worth it!


    <33 Rena

  45. thanks for having this giveaway and congratulations!

    i always repurchase smith rosebud salve! love it and it always helps to keep my lips crack free!

  46. i have repurchased the body bodyshop shower gels. they always make feel good....:)
    congratulations on 600 followers.

  47. Congrats on all the followers :D

    I always repurchase Body Shop Vitamin E lipbalm and Johnson Baby Oil - nothing combats dry skin (lips or body!) better than these two bad boys.

    Jayne x x

  48. I always repurchase collection 2000's loose mineral powder! it cant be beaten for the amount you get for price and always makes my foundation flawless :)


  49. I always buy Maybelline Lash Stiletto, one of the best I have found
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  50. Helllo congratulations on getting 500 hundred followers. what a nice giveaway...

    Enter me, I follow you as Nilufar Loves and my email address is

    I always go back and buy Arch De Triumph Brow and Eye Brightening pencil by Soap and Glory in boots. Because it lasts me forever and is great for Asian brows. I first came across it in a 2008 Asian Bride Magazine :)

    If you haven't tried it yet you really need too..


  51. Congratulations on reaching 600 followers!

    I always repurchase lush fresh face masks, I use them almost daily in my evening skin care routine!

  52. Congratulations on reaching 600 followers! A very impressive number.

    I'm such a butterfly I don't often re-purchase stuff because I like trying new things. I could never be without UD Primer Potion though. I have oily lids and so I use it every day and then my eyeshadow just doesn't move. I need one for my face!!

    I follow via google and on twitter.

  53. Congrats on the big 6-0-0... I guess that works better for age, huh?

    I always repurchase the very boring Batiste dry shampoo but I feel so lost without it!

    I follow through GFC - email is

    Sarah x

  54. The product I purchase time and time again and have done since I was 13 is Impulse Body Sprays! I use them every day, stock up whenever they're on special offer and I'm never without one! Lol! Not exactly glamourous but I couldn't live without them!!

    Congrats on reaching 600; what an amazing achievement and totally deserved :)

    Kelly x

  55. congrats girl, way to go

    I have repurchased Euphoria by CK perfume over and over again. I love it. Whenever I wear it, I always get asked what perfume it is.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  56. Congrats on reaching 600!

    The product I always repurchase is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner because it always leaves my hair so soft and shiny, and not to mention it smells divine!


    Sameen Jalil ( x

  57. Yay great!
    I always repurchased Nivea Soft too (for 6 years)! Love it so much, it's never fails for me. :)
    I already follower via GFC as Monik.

  58. Congrats on the followers!
    I constantly repurchase Nivea lipbalms. I currently have the Milk and Honey one, but I've tried them all throughout the years and will continue to buy them for years to come.

  59. Congratulations on the followers! As someone with 83 followers I'm kinda awed! and thank you for such a lovely giveaway.

    The item I keep repurchasing is MAC's Spiked brow pencil. The reason is that no other pencil is the perfect black/brown shade - black pencils are too harsh but brown ones too soft for my black brown and Asian skin. I use it everyday and find that makeup doesn't look good without it, it completes and strengthens any look.

    My email address is

  60. Congratulations on the 600 followers!
    The product I keep repurchasing is Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle, I don't seem to find a better cleanser!!!
    My name is Mehreen and my email id is

  61. Congrats on the 600 followers, I love reading your blog, especially the few posts on indan ooutfits and makeup.

    I've always repurchased macs blushbaby blush...I love it! Its perfect for everyday and gives you an amazing glow.

    s_sonia415 at

  62. One item I always have and always will repurchase is Chanel Coco perfume, I always go back to this.

    Follower via GFC -


  63. hey :)
    the one thing that i always repurchase without fail is my olay moisturizer. it is honestly the only one i've ever found that doesn't break me out and i've owned so many bottles in my lifetime!

  64. Congrats on all the lovely followers you have (:
    When i have money i always repurchase Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise.
    I got a bottle for my 16th birthday and have been hooked on the scent ever since.
    Emma Cordukes

  65. I always repurchase natural collection conclear
    congrats on 600 followers
    Hannah Ross

  66. I always rebuy the rimmel extra superlash mascara, i've never rebought anything more than twice so thats saying something!
    Irene/ email on my blog

  67. My most repurchased item is Gosh's darling lipstick...its the perfect creamy it!!

    gfc: stephanie cummins

    Thankyou so much for the giveaway xox

  68. I always repurchase Original Source Shower Gel because it is the only thing guaranteed to wake me up in the morning!

  69. Congrats on 600 followers, doll! Here's to many more :)

    I always repurchase Bobbi Brown bronzer because it gives me a natural glow & keeps me from looking too pale in the winter months!


  70. Congrats on reaching 600 followers!

    The one item I'll always repurchase is No 7 hot cloth cleanser, it's such a good make up remover and a bargain with those vouchers.

    Fei x

  71. Hey Hun, Hope you get well Soon!
    For me an Item of repurchase has to be my vaseline moisture re locking Cream! It is amazing for dry skin!!

    anyway get well soon Huni x

  72. Congratulations :)

    I always repurchase Loreal Voluminous Mascara, gives me perfect lashes!

    Thanks, good luck everyone!!


  73. Hi,
    enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    I repurchase Carmex lip balm.
    Email :
    Thank you!

  74. Congrats on 600 followers! I'm following by GFC.

    I always repurchase Burt's Bee lipbalms and Clinique Take the Day Off... essential everyday items.


    Cassie x

  75. Amazing giveaway as always ...

    Sarah Burhan

    I always end up repurchasing Rimmel's Audacious Lipstick as i really love it .. =)

  76. Hello

    My most repurchased product is Olay Total Effects moisturiser. Suits my skin really well and it's cheap.
    I follow you via GFC (Kay Es)

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Hi...

    My most repurchased item has to be Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume, I adore it, its so pretty and light for everyday use. I keep one in the office, the hand lotion in my bag, and another bottle at home.

    Its also a great price.


    Sorry about the deleted post, I forgot to leave my email address.... :S

  79. Congrats on reaching 600!
    For me its Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara.

  80. NARS Eden pressed powder - it's perfect for setting makeup, to use alone, translucent, and I'm not allergic to it :-)

  81. Oops forgot the email:

  82. Congratulations and what an amazing giveaway. I love pink sugar fragrance and i will always repurchase it. I also cant be without my liz earle cleanse and polish. I still try out other cleansers but i always have a bottle of this at the ready as its the best thing for sorting my skin out in a crisis.

  83. The product I always go back for is Lush American Cream conditioner.. it keeps my hair lovely and soft and stops me looking like Hermione Granger!

    I'm following you via bloglovin, my email address is and my name is Becky. Congratulations on all the followers!

  84. The product I always repurchase is Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre aka the loose powder. The color selection works for me, it feels light on the skin, controls oil well and doesn't break me out. Just wonderful! It's definitely one of my HGs!

    clickandflashh @

  85. Well done!
    The product I ALWAYS repurchase is Angel by Thierry Mugler I am now on my 4th bottle and have loved this for years! I have finally invested in a refillable star!


  86. Hi!

    I follow as G A B Y

    And I would say I always repurchase Vaseline because it's such a staple and nothing equals it.

    Thank you!

  87. I'll always repurchase Nivea Creme, the one in the blue container because it's the only thing that works on my dry hands.
    My name is Anne

    Thanks! :)

  88. My favourite thing is the lakme eyeshadow palette in tanjore. It is a must have in my kit!

  89. One of my favorite products that I keep buying is Biore's Clean Thing's Up Gel Cleanser, which is surprisingly hard to find. I love it because it washes away the day's make up and leaves my face feeling clean, but not dry.

    email address,

  90. Mine is rimmle exaggerate liquid eteliner. I love it, it's so easy to use and doesn't budge.

  91. I'll always repurchase Tea Tree Oil. It is a staple beauty product espcially for fighting spots.



  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. I always repurchase argan oil because it works really well for my skin!

    gfc:Sarel B

  94. i will forever and always be loving my nars dolce vita lipstick
    it's my first high end lipstick and it is so amazing :D

    Mia Jay

  95. I always repurchase MAC Cosmo lipstick!

    Thank you x

  96. I have always, always repurchased Vaseline Lip Therapy :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  97. Benefit Bronzer in Hula, It always gives the greatest natural glow, no matter what the season.

  98. Well done on acheiveing so many followers.
    I always repurchase clinique city sheer block spf 25 as its not only a great base for makeup but also protects my skin from getting wrinkly I hope!
    Heres to continued success!
    x Abbi

  99. Congrats on 600 followers!

    I will continue to repurchase Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm.
    I know some people hate the smell of it or how it tingles a bit from the peppermint oil thats in it. I started using it while snowboarding in highschool and I have no idea how many i've gone through but its such a classic! It makes my lips feel soft and tingly and moisturized!
    love love love it. this post made me want to go put some on.

  100. I always repurchase J'adore perfume as its what i wore on my wedding day and everytime i wear it, it makes me smile.

    Tess x

  101. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :) I always repurchase Lip Smackers lip glosses, I've loved them since I was 12!

    Kate1485 at

  102. Hi =) enter me please

    I follow you via GFC: OohLadybeGood

    The item I always repurchase is: essence's mousse foundation

    Name: OohLadyBeGood


  103. I always repurchase urban decay primer potion because its the only thing that keeps my eyeshadow stay on point lol!!

  104. Congrats on 600 followers!

    I follow you via GFC as Kate Wilde.

    The product I always repurchase is Earth Science almond-aloe moisturizer. It smells lovely, sinks right in without leaving a greasy film and best of all, it doesn't break me out.

    name: Kate


  105. Hi lovely,

    I always repurchase Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner as it's the best liner I've found for a long time, and it doesn't break the bank!

    clairesmail at virginmedia dot com xx

  106. Hey fellow Twilight fan! ;)

    I've repurchased most Dove shower gels several times. Other than that I'm pretty fickle lol!

    Stavroula x

  107. hey congrats on 600 followers :)

    I have repurchased Angel about 3/4 times i will be repurchasing philosophy Grace conditioner as its the most amazing ive ever used, i will also after 7 years be repurchasing new GHDs as mine are barely hanging on :) i follow u through gfc and have a link to ur blog on my fbook group beauty bloggers worldwide
    Love Nat xxx

  108. hey he

    I always purchase my dove dry skin bodylotion (can't live without it!) and for make-up my benefit that gal primer (it works perfect for me)

    amazing blog!! x


  109. Well done on reaching 600 followers!! I came across your blog searching for swatches on Models Own Blooboo, you have such gorgeous nails. And because I'm mad about Nars, but it's not available in my country I couldnt pass this opportunity off course.

    I always repurchase Yes to Carrots Deliciously rich Body Butter, definitely my all time favorite product.

    Good luck!!!

    My email

  110. The product i always repurchase is liz earle cleanse and polish. Its amazing my skin is so soft and clear because of this product and i'll continue to repurchase for years to come.

    Im really new to the blogging community but i love your blog. Have tried a few products which i love thanks to you.

    My email address is

    Got my fingers crossed i win lols.


  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. Yay congrats on your followers!

    I always repurchase Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation because the coverage and staying power is unbeatable!

    I follow your blog under Gloria,
    my name is Gloria
    and my email is

    :) x x x

  113. I always repurchase L'Oreal telescopic mascara, it's the best one ever :o)

  114. The thing i always repurchase....must be Dolce&Gabbana perfume Light Blue. This is just soooooooooo good!!!

  115. Just found your blog and it is amazing :)
    I always repurchase my Simple Eye Makeup Remover, works amazingly to remove makeup from my super sensitive eyes and face!

    GFC: Charlene

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  116. I always repurchase YSL false lash effect mascara because nothing else gives such a dramatic effect and I absolutely love it.

    I follow through Google Friend Connect :)

    Congrats on the 600+ followers! xx

  117. Aaaaaaaa best giveaway ever.

    I keep buying toothpaste.



  118. Hey! Why didn't I entered yet :D Such an amazing giveaway. Thank you so much! :)

    Following you!
    GFC name : Rabiyah Tungekar.
    My re-purchase : My Etude blush in peachy pink color. I love that color and will always repurchase it.

    Name: Rabiyah Tungekar.
    Email Id:

  119. I always buy, without a doubt, Loreal Voluminous mascara in waterproof black :)

    Congrats on 600!

    chuey603 (at)

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. I love buying dalas benefit bronzer. Its lush

    @kimmy393 twitter

    Congrats on the 600+ followers! xx

  122. I very rarely repurchase a beauty product as I love trying out new products! But I had to really look through my collection to see what I repurchased - and its Mitchum Deodarent (Womens...obvs!!) - The only think that keeps me smelling clean and fresh till the end of the day! :)

    rani (

  123. I always repurchase Miss Dior Cherie, it's my all time favourite scent and people say it reminds them of me, which I love! :)

    Jessica Li, xx

  124. I know this is probably boring but its the truth!
    i have always purchased my little tin of vaseline..i have experimented with all there colours and at the moment my go to colour is the pink one i have purchased it about 5 times now. it does the trick, keeps lips soft, well glossed, pretty&natural looking.also its a bit of an all purpose product as if you rub it into your eyes it acts as an eye makeup reover (for that stubourn eyeline that just wont budge) andd it brightens your eyes up if your looking tired ;)

  125. The item I always repurchase is collection 2000 concealer, so good for under eyes & blemishes!

  126. I always repurchase Chloe perfume - I first bought it for my wedding so it always reminds me of that day!


  127. Congrats on the milestone!

    My most re-purchased item is Calvin Klein Contradiction perfume. I just love it!
    (@LeanneOCD - LeanneOCD at gmail dot com)

  128. I always always buy CLARINS EAU DYNAMISANTE body lotion and spray i cant live without it!!everyone says its "my" smell and i feel lost if i dont have any.Its also just about the only product that doesnt bring me out in a rash in the summer as my skin has got super sensitive after having my children.My must have!!
    followin your blog sandra henderson
    followin @sandigled on twitter

  129. I always repurchase my Avon Solutions Winter night cream! Love it!
    Following your blog as lozrii
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! :) x

  130. I always repurchase the sephora lipgloss!



Thanks for commenting! Keep 'em coming :)