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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Swatcheroonies: MAC 'Style Curve' & 'Gulabi'

Hey all!

It's been almost a week since I last blogged, mainly due to me being without Internet for 3 days, so you'll have to hold on while I get back in to the groove of it all again. There have been some new bits and bobs this week so the next few posts will probably be some kind of a 'show and tell' which I quite like doing now so here goes :)

Over a week ago MAC released three new collections: Stylishly Yours, Cham-Pale and Mickey Contractor. All three had quite a lot to offer and when I first saw the images and swatches of the products on Temptalia's site, I thought I'd want everything. However, once it all went live on the MAC website there wasn't anything I felt like I needed there and then. I settled on 2 lipsticks, 1 paint pot and 1 blusher (which then turned into two). I'm so proud of myself!

Anyway, these are the two lipsticks that made their way through my letterbox last week:

Style Curve is from the Stylishly Yours collection and Gulabi being from the Mickey Contractor collection.
I knew I was going to be picking bits up from the Mickey Contractor collection, purely because of the Indian names of the products, and had made a mental list of what I wanted. FYI, Gulabi means pink in Hindi. (Thanks for pointing that out Sheenie!! Haha)


Style Curve

I know that Style Curve looks really 'in your face' but you'll see in the following photo that it really isn't. Gulabi is a tiny bit more red that you're usual fuschia lipsticks which makes it ideal for anyone who isn't a "red" person but wants to pair a bright lipstick with a classic look.

Style Curve applied.
I was actually hoping that the lipstick would apply more purple than pink so this was a bit of a fail product for me. When I first saw the lipstick in the bullet I thought it would be a really vibrant purple-pink but more on the purple side, however it's the total opposite. It looks more like a pink with a purple-blue tinge and a touch shimmery. No idea how that works but that's what it seems like to me!
I think that my natural lip colour came through too much when I applied this lipstick so I plan to try it with my lips blotted out with concealer or foundation (cheaper option than buying a seperate lip erase product!)

Gulabi applied.
I've been loving bright pink lips instead of a classic red at the moment so I have a good feeling about this lipstick becoming my 'go-to'. It looks a lot more pink in the bullet than applied but it looks just as pretty on. I'm a big fan of MAC amplified and amplified creme finishes because they're not the slightest bit drying and they last for ages so I definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone who's a fan of bright colours but wasn't too sure on this one.

Did any of you pick up anything from the new MAC collections? If you did, what did you get? Answers in the box at the bottom :)

Take care and keep swivelling those hips in your

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15 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. ah Style curve is beautiful on - would never have imagined it would look like that x

  2. Ahhh! Style Curve looks amazing!

    Kaushal xx

  3. I have Gulabi (also love it for the name!) and was planning to buy Style Curve but as you pointed out it's not too pigmented so I might skip it :S

  4. Gulabi looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Style curve is big disappointment. It looks great in the tube but on lips its not true to what you see. Gulabi looks great on you. I would never be able to pull it off

  6. They looks amazing especially Gulabi x

  7. Thanks for all the comments.. I think that because it's a cremesheen finish means that it probably won't be as vibrant as Gulabi which is a shame because it is so pretty in the bullet.
    Will let you know how it looks after I blot my natural lip colour out and if it makes a difference!


  8. It is not the color you would expect but I agree that it still looks really pretty on your lips.


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