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Friday, 7 January 2011

Review: Dr. Brandt Blemishes No More Intensolution

Hey loves!

If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that I've been suffering from really bad skin for last few months (not mentioning the heat rash that I was suffering from on New Years Eve which by the way has ALMOST gone) and have stripped down my skincare from all the fancy schmancy stuff to the pure basics. However, nothing helped. I was breaking out pretty much all the time and especially on my cheeks, jawline and chin which was starting to bog me down.

At first I thought it was one of those "time of the month" episodes but seeing as it wasn't something that had always occurred since puberty it did take me by surprise. I even went to see my doctor who prescribed me an antibiotic potion and said I was suffering from 'adult acne'. Gross, right? I know a lot of people suffer from adult acne but as I hadn't really had an issue with major breakouts besides the odd spot here and there, I was taken by surprise.

Anyway, when I started my new job I was introduced to Dr. Brandt skincare and especially the 'Blemishes No More' range which is specially designed and formulated to tackle all this dodgy mishaps that we all fret about. The BNM Intensolution is a hardcore piece of magic that I probably can't live without now.

What they say:
"An effective all-in-one solution that clears blemishes without over-drying skin. Formulated with Dr Brandt’s ACTIVE IMPURITY SHIELD®, to effectively clear blemishes and help shield skin from future breakouts, an a time released cooling agent that leaves skin soft and refreshed, not dry."

Sounds a bit too good to be true and full of false promises, right?
Well, I was a bit sceptical when I had a read of it and was warned that it is really strong stuff so not to be too generous when using it so that kind of scared me. The last thing I want to do is anger the breakout so much that it brings some more friends to join the club!

So, this is what it says on the box... Sounds pretty standard to what you'd read on any packaging for a spot treatment but the solution inside is actually like no other that I've tried before.

The instructions were bog standard too. Clean face, wipe solution all over, let it dry and then carry on your merry way. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
However, after my pre-warning about it being a strong product I decided that I probably wouldn't apply it all over my face simply because I don't have any kind of breakouts on my forehead so it would be a bit pointless applying it there. Also, I don't apply it in the mornings as I don't like the feeling of anything else on my skin except for my face cream and then makeup.

This is what it looks like... Definitely not your average bottle of Clearasil!
The all black packaging and chic bottle shape make the product stand out from the others that you might have used in the past. For some reason, when I first saw it I actually thought to myself "Now that looks like it holds something that is going to get down to business!" - Sad, I know.

As the instructions stated, I removed the plug which reveals a pretty big spout (?) where you pour the product out or hold a cotton wool piece to it to soak it. I'd much rather it had a smaller spout (I don't know what word to use!) because there have been a few spillages but it's a not a major flaw.

My routine when I use this product is to take all my makeup off, cleanse, apply my night cream and then apply the solution to the problem areas with cotton wool. This really is strong stuff and it smells strong too so I wouldn't advise anyone to apply it to their whole face, unless they have blemishes all over. Also, even though the product didn't dry my skin out at all, I don't use it every night religiously when I have blemishes.
After the first time I used the product, I noticed that my problem areas were a lot less angry and reduced in redness but they hadn't disappeared completely so, like all products, you have to be patient. It took 4-5 days before I saw any significant difference in the size of blemishes but that is amazing in my books because I've tried loads of different products but now starting to think that they're all just water mixed with some tea tree oil.

I definitely recommend Dr. Brandt's Blemishes No More Intensolution to anyone who suffers from frequent breakouts and is looking to try something new. It is a 110ml bottle so should last you atleast 4 months before you run out but that would depend on how frequently you apply the product. However, I probably wouldn't recommend the product to people with really sensitive skin because I have a feeling that they might not react as positively to product as I did.

Dr. Brandt skincare, including the Blemishes No More range, is available at SpaceNK stores and online from BeautyBay.

Have any of you tried Dr. Brandt products before? If you have, what did you try and what did you think of it? I want to know so drop your comments in the box :-)

Take care and keep swivelling those hips in your

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6 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I have been suffering with a lot of breakouts I think its the over indulgence of christmas but I will be giving this a try x

  2. Thanks for commenting Landi. My skin took a beating over the Christmas period but this has helped keep those horrible spots at bay. It's probably not a long term solution to acne or frequent breakouts but I do recommend it for controlling spots. Like I said though, if you do try it, don't use it every day nor apply it liberally. Just take put it on the problem areas/spots for a few nights and hopefully you'll see the difference.xx

  3. I think I may add this to my list of products to try, thank you for the review!

  4. Hope it's all cleared up now :) xx

  5. This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but is very honest and true, I bought this product along with the face wash, I misread the ingredients on the Intensolution because I found castor oil in the moisturizer which stopped me from purchasing it, however I only realized there was castor oil in the Intensolution when I received the product, after one day I had received 3 new spots, one huge one under my lip, which today was a gigantic whitehead, thankfully I stopped using both products and now back a skin regime that actually is more beneficial, its basically Simple's Spotless Skin Triple Action Face Wash then I use Rosewater as a toner and sometimes use Witch Hazel and depending on if I have a few spots I use benzoyl peroxide but not always, then follow with Xtreme Ultra Clear cream which is good, it took me a while to find something that worked as good as that, it got rid of my spots in the nearly 2 weeks I was waiting for my items to arrive and then the Dr Brandt products ruined it and now I have to start all over again, I will never forgive "Dr Brandt" for this.
    Please be very careful when purchasing products with Castor Oil in them, if you have many breakouts already I think it wouldn't matter but if you don't have any, I highly recommend you try different products as Castor Oil will bring out any spots.
    Ok, I think i'm done with my rant, but take it as a precaution, and apply it to any products especially ones containing Castor Oil.

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