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Monday, 3 January 2011

NOTD: O.P.I 'Over The Taupe'

Hey campers!

This is the first NOTD post for 2011 and I have no doubt that it is the first of many to come as I seem to have picked up an addiction to nailpolish.

Anyway, still loving the greige/taupe trend from last year, OPI 'Over The Taupe' is another one of those shades which is no different to any other greige shade.

It's slightly more grey than it's sister greige 'You Don't Know Jacques' which is also by O.P.I which I actually prefer because it's darker. However, it's still a pretty colour and reminds me of the Mavala nailpolish called Elle (I'm sure you've all seen it!)
The brush was a little dodgy in my bottle but it's no problem but the polish went on great and after a streaky first coat and not so opaque second coat, the third coat went on like a dream.

How many of you have tried this number before? Is it a bit hit, miss or way over it in your books? Let me know!!!

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