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Friday, 7 January 2011

NOTD: Nicole by O.P.I 'It Starts With Me'

Hey all.

Now, I have no idea why I had not used the nailpolish before and don't know how it slipped off my radar but when I saw this in my collection today I was actually quite excited.
I've become a big fan of Nicole by O.P.I nailpolishes over the months and this number did not disappoint!


It's so sparkly and glittery and would have been perfect for those Christmas and New Years parties!

The camera didn't quite pick the colour up as well as I'd hoped but it's a coppery shimmer nailpolish from the new Liquid Metals collection. From previous experience with Nicole by O.P.I nailpolishes, I know that they last a good 5 days before tip wear or chipping so I know that I don't need to do a touch up of any sort over the weekend... Not that I'm going anywhere because I've got the flu lurgies *sob*... Oh well, atleast I'll have pretty nails! Lol.

What colour nailpolish are you lovelies wearing? Any recommendations?

Until next time...

Keep swivelling those hips in your

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16 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. It's so pretty. I think it's a colour that would suit everyone :) xx

  2. i hate seeing colours like this - not because i dislike them - total opposite. I think they are lush but they just never suit my skintone! so annoying. Looks lovely on you xx

  3. love it! hope you feel better soon x

  4. Saskia, I really think you should try it... It might surprise you!xx

    Thanks for the wishes, Landi :) x

  5. looks lovely. I wore this for New year's btw :)... love the glitz of it!

  6. I wish I had dug this out for NYE... It would have gone perfectly with my outfit!x

  7. This is GAWJUS!! you are right, this will suit all skin tones

  8. Gorgeous! Looks like my rose gold watch! I haven't tried any Nicole polishes but I will have to now!

  9. love this colour, would suit for everyday I think as well.

  10. Kajal, you can order Nicole by O.P.I nailpolishes from or from the Lena White website. You should give them a try :)

    Elekon, even though it is a sparkly colour, it isn't too much for everyday and if you usually go for neutrals then give it a try and jazz up your daytimes! xx

  11. LOVE Nicole by OPI! I want all the colours!! Can't wait for more to come out :D

    Kaushal xx

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