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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Swatcheroonies: Benefit Shimmer Shimmer Shake

Hey all.

While the weather is absolutely pants outside, I thought I'd give you all a break from the Christmas Gift Guide and do a spot of swatching instead. It seems that quite a few of you liked the look of the Benefit Shimmer Shimmer Shake set that featured in the guide so I figured I really ought to show you how pretty they are swatched.

Keep in mind that my camera is just a bogstandard digital camera so the shimmer bits get kind of washed out but I'm sure you'll get the jist of it anyway...

So this is what the pigments look like without a primer underneath. I'd definitely say that a primer is needed because the product will fall and your face will become a disco ball.. No question! Lol. You can kind of see how shimmery they are as well without the flash on.

This is how they look with a flash and with a primer underneath. There was very little fall out when I swatched it and I even gave them a quick blow off and hardly anything came flying off which is always a bonus. The shimmer tones down a little too with a primer underneath and the core colour becomes a lot more vibrant.

Sans flash - You can see the shimmery bits a whole better in this pic but the shimmers in Ruby Doo (the brown) shade still aren't showing up which is a shame because they are really pretty!! I guess you'll just have to buy them and see for yourselves :)

So, how many of you are putting Shimmer Shimmer Shake on your wishlist for Christmas?!

Until next time...

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6 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Those colours are so nice, very festive .

  2. I'm going to do an EOTD with them tonight... WIll keep me out of mischief and out of the snow ;-)

  3. These are all really pretty... I can think of a look I'd like to do with the three of them!

  4. wow! these look great! love the shimmer and the colors. :)


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