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Monday, 20 December 2010

NOTD: Natio Mineral Nail Polish 'Brandy'

Hey all.

I wasn't joking when I said that I was going to have another NOTD post up for you soon after my last one. I just couldn't sit still knowing that I had this gorgeous nudey shade in my collection and not be wearing it!

I've never tried Natio products until now and I'm starting to wonder why! The range is HUGE! They've got make up, nailpolishes, skin care, hair care and a complete male skincare and grooming range... I just couldn't get my head around it all.

Between digging through all the products, I came across this nailpolish and knew then and there that we were going to embark on a love affair to end all affairs...

This is BRANDY.

A creamy nude mineral nailpolish that goes on perfectly AND looks like the closest dupe I've found of MAC 'Light Affair' from their Love Lace collection of earlier this year (or was it last year!?). Now, those of you that know me and follow me on Twitter will know that I have been on a quest to find a dupe or close dupe of MAC 'Light Affair' since I saw it in the Love Lace collection. It's a beautiful cream-nude colour with a teeny tiny hint of lilac in it. I picked up Essie 'Body Language' and OPI 'Moon Over Mumbai' but neither of those did it for me.
This, however, is PERFECT!

I'm going to need to have a couple of back up bottles of this nailpolish because I see it quickly becoming my go-to failsafe nailpolish.

This Natio nailpolish is priced at £9.00 and is available from larger Debenhams stores and online at the Debenhams website.

Until next time...

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