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Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Fairy Family...

Hey pixies!

How you all doing? Misbehaving and upto no good, I hope.

The last few days have been quite manic in my household because it was my birthday yesterday which means I've got Birthday Week going on right now so there's always something or the other happening.
I finally found the time to sit still for an hour or so and scribble out a few posts to keep you lovely lot happy :)

Today's post is a rave and love affair kind of post. I don't need to review these products because they've been done a million and one times before and they're so popular that there's really no need.

I'm not really big on Lush products but the ones that I do know and love with all my heart are there Snow Fairy products. I'm addicted. Badly.

It's not a huge range but it really ought to be purely because it's so darn popular!

For those of you that know the Snow Fairy range well, you'll know that it only ever comes out around Christmas and is gone before you know it so it's better to buy in bulk when it hits the shelves. If anyone reading this hasn't had a whiff of Snow Fairy before then you really have to. It's a cross between candyfloss, bubblegum and all that other sweet stuff that is really really bad for you.

I know some people hate Snow Fairy and think that it's far too sweet for them but I think those people are nuts. I could easily lie in a vat of Snow Fairy for days and days until it had seeped through my skin and into my bloodstream.
OK, that sounds a bit dramatic but I would if I could!

There's a shower gel for body and hair in the range and this is the jumbo sized bottle. There's also a 250g bottle and a little 100ml one which is greal for travel. Since I got introduced to Snow Fairy last Christmas by Mandy, I've gone through about 4 of these jumbo ones. I bought a couple extra to last me through this year and my last one ran out in September so I was overly excited to pick some more up when they re-released this year in November.

Also in the Snow Fairy range is the lip tint. It smells like exactly like the shower gel and makes you want to lick your lips to see if it'll taste like the smell. I'd like to add here that although the contents are all safe, it doesn't taste as yummy as it smells. At all.

All the ingredients and gobbledigook on the back that I hardly ever pay attention to. I think all Lush products come with an expiry date but I don't think it makes a major difference if it does go over and you're still using the product.

This solid perfume was limited edition last year (I think) and I haven't seen it around this year which is a shame because I'm pretty sure it would be a BIG hit with all the Snow Fairy lovers out there. Like the shower gel and lip tint, the solid perfume smells exactly like the rest and does a pretty good job at lingering around too so if you put it on your neck, wrists and elbow (I'm told these are the best places!) then you'll be smelling scrummy throughout the day :) I've had LOADS of compliments on my scent which I've convinced people is my natural scent because I'm always wearing it. LOL!

The only downside to the solid perfume is that it starts to go a bit too solid around the edges which you can see in the photo. I asked the guy in the Lush shop in Westfields who assured me that it's not an issue and if you give the product a quick blast with a hairdryer, it'll be as good as new :-)

All the spiel on the back... My solid perfume "expired" at the beginning of the month but I haven't noticed any difference in the quality or the scent so I shall continue using it for as long as possible!!!

You could always give someone a Snow Fairy shower gel and lip tint for Christmas which I know I'd love to receive so I guess they make pretty good gifts too :-) Also, Lush have some fab Christmas giftsets at the moment and I'm pretty sure that there's a Snow Fairy set which comes with the shower gel and some other similar smelling products.

And, there's also the Bubblegum lip scrub (you can see my review HERE) which smells very similar to the products and tastes bloody good too!
All the above products, minus the solid perfume, are available at all Lush stores and online.

How many of you are Snow Fairies? Don't you think Lush should make a body cream/butter to go with it all!? *daydreams* Maybe if we all hound the bigwigs at the Head Office, they might just listen to our cries! Who's with me!?!?!

Until next time...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. I noticed in my presents last night I've got some sort of Snow Fairy gift set, I'm excited! :-)

  2. Haha! Already had a poke around!? Cheeky!! You're going to love it... The shower gel has teeny tiny glitters in it!xx

  3. you know i'm going to go and get that snow fairy shower gel...everyones just raving about it...sounds nice, bubblegum and candy oooo...great post.


  4. I love Snow Fairy and I think they should do a liquid perfume which would smell amazing!
    Thanks for sharing the tip about using a hairdryer on the solid perfume; I have Honey I Washed The Kids solid perfume which has gone a bit hard so i'm going to try and sort it out :) xx


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