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Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Ted Baker Bodywear For Men

Hey all!

Any of you stuck on what to stuff the boy stockings with?? Well, I've come to the rescue (as I do) and have dug up a great set of stocking fillers from Ted Baker.
It turns out that Ted Baker don't only do gorgeous clothes, bags, shoes and accessories... They have a line of fragrances and body products which are equally fab and smell bloody nice as well!

The Ted Baker limited edition Bodywear collection is made up of 3 products...

(L-R) Anti Perspirant, Body Wash and Body Spray.

The three products are sold seperately at £3.99 each OR you can buy a giftset which includes the Body Wash and Body Spray for £8.00. The entire collection and the female Bodywear products are available exclusively at Boots and Boots Online.

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