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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: RevitaLash Vs. RapidLash

Hey all.

We now have 18 days left until Xmas so I need to start churning out this Christmas Gift Guide posts quick and fast so you lot can get your mitts on the products before they're all sold out (if they're not already!)

I've heard everyone yapping about lash growth treatments and serums for quite some time now and it seems that all the high street make-up brands are jumping on the band wagon too and infusing mascaras with some magic ingredient that will make your lashes grow. I've tried a couple and didn't see any dramatic differences but we'll save that for a different post.

If one of your loved ones is a big fan of flutterby lashes, then why not get them a RevitaLash duo set?

All the bits and bobs that goes into the products... Not that we'll understand most of it!

The duo set comes with a Volumizing Mascara in either Raven or Espresso and the RevitaLash eyelash conditioner. However, do keep in mind that the mascara does NOT contain any of the conditioning serum and that it is, just a mascara.

You even get a little instruction leaflet inside telling you about how to apply and all that jazz.

Doesn't look too bad, does it?
Well, here's the bit that you might not like....

The RRP of the RevitaLash set is £92.00. I'm not joking.
If you've got an endless budget, in that case not having a budget at all, then this would probably be a great gift for one of your fave ladies.

However, if forking out £92.00 is a touch too much for you... Then fear not, for I have another serum!

The RapidLash Christmas Cracker!

I know the photo sucks but do you know how bleedin' hard it is to take a photo of mirror shiny packaging!?

What you get inside...

Unlike the RevitaLash giftset duo, this only comes with the one product...

The RapidLash cracker is priced at a more affordable but still not cheap as chips price of £39.99.

Both products claim to do the same thing, improve the appearance and condition of lashes while promoting their growth, but for just two very different price tags. Well, atleast you have some variety now!!!

The RevitaLash giftset is stocked at selected retailers but check out SkinBrands to find out where.
The RapidLash Christmas Cracker is available exclusively online at Boots.

Will any of you be picking either of these up or will you be avoiding them both? Let me know!

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