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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Philosophy 'Holiday Greetings'

Hey kids!

We're officially in December so there really isn't long left before Christmas is here and the Fat Man from the North visits the good kids and ignores the brats. Bit harsh, I know but that's the truth!

Todays Christmas gift is from the elves at Philosophy who have created some gorgeous gift sets for the festive season full of the good stuff :-) The 'Holiday Greetings' set includes 3 Philosophy products and an uber cute gift box.

I love the Christmassy images all over the box

The back...

What's inside...

So you open the mailbox to find.........

3 small Philosophy products that are sweet smelling and are spot on for the Christmas season.

Take out the product and you find some letters for Santa!

So what do you get inside....

Butter Cookie shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath - It also has a receipe for butter cookies on the packaging!

Coconut macaroon body butter - It also has the receipe for macaroons! Yum!

Frosted cookie lip shine - It actually smells and tastes like frosed cookies! Delicious!

I think this would make the perfect gift for a teenage family member who loves all the sweet smelling goodness of bath and beauty products. However, it'll also be a great gift for a friend or someone you picked in a Secret Santa :-)

The 'Holiday Greetings' set is exclusive to John Lewis stores and online and is priced at £18.00.

Hope this helps!!!

Until next time...

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  1. So glad you've done a review on this! I was thinking about buying it as a pressie but wasn't sure what it would look like up close! I think I want one for myself as well now! :)

  2. Well I'm just glad that I could help. I love all the philosophy gift sets but this one has to be my fave!! xoxo

  3. I like how it's made into a make-up container. :D The design of the mailbox was nice. Advance Merry Christmas, by the way.

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