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Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Jane Packer Candles

Hey campers!

The Christmas Gift Guide is coming to an end *SOB* so I'll be wrapping up the last few bits and bobs over the next two days. It's been quite fun finding playing with all the gifts and I hope they've inspired some of you to pop out and pick up a few bits and bobs for your loved ones.

Today's gift is courtest of Jane Packer and her delightful new range of scented candles. I've turned into a huge candle lover and always have one or two alight in my room to give it that really warm and yummy smelling feeling :)

The box is pretty standard and nothing exciting but let me tell you, the scent of red roses, black violet and cyclamen is so gorgeous!

When I think of red roses, my mind drifts to Valentines Day so this candle could also be used for a romantic night in ;-) It'll last a lot longer than the 3 days of life you'll get out of those petrol station roses, I can guarantee you that! Lol.

There are other scents in the range including Fig and Green Orchid so I'm sure you'll be able to find one to suit the person you love.

The candles are priced at £19.50 each and available from the Jane Packer website and on Amazon.

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