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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: FuudLuxe Hood

Hi all.

While the weather is still really crappy outside, I've been bundling up keeping my snood up the whole time. Well that was until I was introduced to the FuudLuxe hood.

A hood is probably the most obvious answer to keeping warm in the snow and rain but now all coats have them so FuudLuxe hoods are great to wack on and be on your merry way.

*Insert dodgy pic here*

I was sent a leather and sheepskin hood which was so warm that I didn't want to to take it off. I actually couldn't believe how warm it was. It was like.... A pair of Uggs for your head. Haha. OK, that was a bad example but there really aren't enough words to describe how toasty and warm is in there!

*insert even more dodgy pic here*

The hood has a buckle fastening so you can tighten it around your head to keep it from slipping off and it helps to keep the warmth in too :) I would definitely recommend the hoods as a Christmas gift for either male family members or friends, or female. There's a huge range of hoods to choose from and in different materials so you can stock up on various styles.

The leather and sheepskin hood is priced at £155.00, which is really pricey, but there are cheaper versions in different styles and they start from £25.00.
All FuudLuxe hoods are available from ASOS Marketplace.

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