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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Betty Jackson.Black - Palette Collection

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Like I said in my previous post, I'm churning out the gift guide posts quick and fast so here's another gift idea for you and this time it comes from the people at Betty Jackson.Black and is the Palette Collection.

The set comes with 5 makeup brushes and 4 palettes so it would make a perfect gift set for your mum, aunt or anyone you know who prefers pretty basic makeup that does the job.

The 5 brushes in the set are quite basic but would be a great starting point and aren't bad quality either.
You get: 1 x Powder Brush, 1 x Eye Shadow Blender Brush, 1 x Eye Shadow Applicator Brush, 1 x Lip Brush and 1 x Eye Brow Groomer.

The 4 palettes in the set cover a wide range of colours and can create a number of looks...
L-R (From bottom left):
Smokey - Dark and light greys with two shades of deep red lips and a berry blush.

Bronze - A shimmering gold and jasper green duo for eyes, with a choice of soft bronze and gold for lips and a golden blush for cheeks.

Indigo - Inky blue and a vivid purple for eyes set off by two subtle nude shades for lips and a rose blush.

Neutral Tones - Cream and a brown eye shadow, an apricot blush with two soft and subtle pinks for lips.

The great thing about the palettes is that they each contain coordinated lip and blush shades so it makes getting ready even easier as everything you need is one place!

The Betty Jackson.Black palette collection is available from Debenhams for £22.50, but if you're lucky you might be able to grab it on sale.

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