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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Benefit Men's Waxing Service

Hi all!

This is a bit of a strange gift idea but after scooting around the Internet and on different male grooming sites, I've come to the conclusion that men's waxing services are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

It seems as though men are hopping on board the waxing train and are well on their way to achieving the silky smooth feeling that us women love. On ourselves. Not being one to judge, I fully support men and their right to have super smooth buttcheeks as much as the next beauty blogger! Lol.
Well, Benefit has come to the rescue and gotten body grooming expert, Darren Seale, on their team to promote their men's waxing services.

Darren Seale is the big kahuna when it comes to men's intimate waxing and has completed the UK only Habia-endorsed training course to be able to get our men looking polished, buffed and fuzz free.

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From brow and lash grooming, to the more intimate "Boyzilian" or "Boy Hollywood", Darren is the one to turn to. There is also a Fake Bake Spray Tan option if your man wants to have that sunkissed glow ;-)

All the services are available at the Benefit Boutique in Covent Garden and are all undertaken with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality (Just in case your fella is a little shy.)

Prices vary according to the service chosen and appointments can be booked by calling the boutique directly on 0207 379 0316.

I've heard that the services are proving to be quite popular with men regardless of their sexuality... So next time you see a nice buff bod at the gym or even your bedroom (depending on what tickles your fancy), it might be straight out of Benefit's boutique and a Darren Seale creation ;-)

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  1. im a qualified beautician and my bf makes me wax his back, chest and arms. hes such a tart, i even tweeze the odd hair from his brows and give him facials lol.

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