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Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Art Deco 'Glam Art' Collection

Hey campers!

I've got some gorgeous stocking fillers for your loved ones today and when I say 'gorgeous', I mean that they are so beautiful that I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't find their way into stocking but instead, your handbag!

ART DECO's new 'Glam Art' collection is beautifully crafted from top to bottom and inside to out. I was sent a few pieces to have a look at and I think they're perfect for women of all ages.

L-R: Glam Stars Eyelights in Lilac, Ceramic Nail Lacquer in Sparkling Rosé and Glam Stars Lipstick in Glam Star Champagne.

The packaging of the eyeshadow and highlighter compact is so pretty.

How unbelievably beautiful is that???

A close up of the palette (sans flash) - You'll notice that the palette is made up of 3 shades which means it would be ideal for a subtle smoky eye and to take a look from day to night. There is an overdose of shimmer so I wouldn't apply it with a heavy hand but a touch of glitter never hurt anyone :)

The flash on my camera really washed out the light pink shimmer that runs through the nailpolish but it's so pretty that I'm going to have to use this in a future NOTD post so I can show you!

Without a flash, you can slightly see all the different colours that are running through the nailpolish. I have a feeling that you may need 3-4 coats of this before getting an opaque finish or you could layer this over a jet black base as an overcoat to add some sparkle.

The lipstick is another pretty shade and infused with a whole lot of shimmery glitter like the other products in the collection. Staying true to it's name 'Glam Star Champagne', the colour is a cool beige toned lipstick with just a hint colour that will help enhance your natural lip colour.

A closer look at the shimmer and ART DECO logo embossed into the bullet.

The RRP for the products shown are:
- Glam Stars Eyelights: £25.50
- Ceramic Nail Lacquer: £9.30
- Glam Stars Lipstick: £17.25

The ART DECO Glam Art collection is available now and stocked nationwide and online HERE.

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