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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Can I Get Some Tights, Please???

Hey all!

It seems everyone is loving up the tights look this season and being a lot more adventurous with the colours too so when I was given the chance to do a bit of a show and tell with tights, I was a teeeeeny bit hesitant. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good ol' pair of wool tights as much as the next gal but I very rarely step out in a pair other than black. Sounds a bit boring and *meh* but I feel colourful tights draw too much attention to my legs. This leads on to me hating my legs... But lets not get started on that because I'd need more than a blog post!

Tights Please is home to loads of different brands of tights (Who knew there was more than just M&S tights!?) including Charnos and Henry Holland.. Just to name a few.

I was sent some Charnos tights to try out and in some rather daring* colours if I do say so myself!
*I know they're not daring but for a boring black tights girl like me, this is as daring as I'll get!

These are 100 denier dark purple Charnos tights which have actually turned out to be amazing in this blistering cold weather! They're warm and add a nice touch to an all black outfit without sticking out like a sore thumb :-)

These 60 denier teal tights were probably my least favourite as they stood out a whole lot more but with the right footwear, they don't look too bad at all!

Very similar to the Dark Purple tights, the 60 denier Aubergine tights have safely become a staple pair in my collection and day-to-day work wardrobe. As similar as they look to the former, they're actually a lot darker in reality which I can safely say, makes them my number one option when I'm straying from my black beauties.

However, in typical 6 Inch Stilettos fashion, I had to find something wrong with the tights and I did... The elastic wears out too quickly. I know that Laura of SoFarSoChic had a similar problem with her Charnos tights but mine wasn't as bad as having to resort to wearing a pair of granny panties over the top of them a la Superman. Yet, they still gave a little too easily and quickly for my liking which is the only concern that I have.

Charnos tights are available from TightsPlease and prices start at £4.49 depending on the denier you go for.

Have any of you tried Charnos tights before? If so, did you have any troubles with the elastic waistband? Answers on a postcard please!!

Until next time...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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10 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. I like the look of my 100 denier pair but they just don't stay up. I wore them out the other day under a playsuit and it was highly embarrassing and awkward to have to keep yanking them up! AND I'm STILL waiting for my replacement tights from Tights Please to arrive!

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