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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Swatcheroonies: The Body Shop's 'Brush With Fashion' Range

Hey kids!

As you all know, I attended the preview of The Body Shops and London College of Fashion range aptly titled "Brush With Fashion" last Wednesday (You can see the pics from the event HERE!)
After the show, we were all kindly given (Well, people with a pink wristband at least) the entire collection, a couple of brushes and some of the Vitamin E range in our goodie bags. Thanks people at The Body Shop!!!

The collection is made up of the following limited edition products:
- Illuminating Face Base
- Limited Collection for Eyes
- Hi-Shine Lip Treatment
- Tailored Cheek Tint

There are also some other products that are part of the normal range that are also part of this collection:
- Lightening Touch
- Super Volume Mascara
- Mini Brush Kit
- Bag for Life
- Nail File & Buffer

Here's a quick run through of the limited edition products and some swatcheroonies:

Hi-Shine Lip Treatment - RRP £9.50

This comes in two colours in a limited edition pack and has a very handy brush on the end of it ("Brush with Fashion, get it?)
I quite like the idea of the brush on the end as it there's no sticky finger situation afterwards and depending on how hard you squeeze the tube, you can control how much product comes out. The colours are very wearable and would suit all skintones so there's none of that "It's not really my thing" kind of business with these two. Also, they feel so soft on the lips and don't feel like superglue after a while like some other lipglosses tend to do. There's a hint of shimmer in the products which I *tried* to capture in the photos but it's not so much where it's obvious and in your face.

Illuminating Face Base - RRP £14.00

When I saw this product on display, I was hoping for magic. Something along of the lines of Benefit's 'Girl Meets Pearl' but with a brush applicator so there's not sticky finger business but alas, I was wrong.

Peachy/orange in colour and not my favourite product out of the bunch. The blurb on the press release says you can "...sweep across the face before foundation for added radiance." In all honesty, I wouldn't swipe the brush across my face because I'm almost 100% sure it would leave a streaky mess behind but perhaps dabbing it on with a stippling brush might give better results. After I blending the product out, I didn't see any kind of lumescent or pearly finish to it so I have a feeling that this will be a product that I'll have to work with a bit more to see what it can do.

Tailored Cheek Tint - RRP £8.50

Now, this is a product I CAN work with! Simple, effective and easy to use. The tailored cheek tint is pretty much a gel blush that turns into a natural looking tint on your cheek depending on the pH levels underneath. It also has a handy brush applicator so you can dot it on your cheeks before you blend it out or blend it straight on with your fingers.

My only issue with this product was this....

A bright pink stain on my finger after I'd blended it out. Sexy, non?
Although the stain washed off with a make-up wipe, it definitely didn't with a dry tissue/towel which leaves me with some reservations. Do I really want to pull this product out in a rush, get a rosy glow but then left with a nice rosy finger to match? Yeah, probably not. Love the product, just don't love the matching finger paint to boot.

Limited Collection for Eyes - RRP £18.00 Each
Two extremely handy and versatile products that come with everything you could need (minus a mascara) when you're on the go and need a quick change of looks. The palettes are adorned with the London College of Fashion design created by Katarina Voloder, which I love, and also have a nice big mirror on the inside so you can touch up in you're on the go.
I'd say that the Boho Beauty palette is a neutral day time palette and the A La Mode palette is a night time palette - but I'm sure we'll find ways to wear them both during the day or at night. That's one of the reasons why I love them so much. The shades are really easy to work with whether you're at the office or out at night.


1. New Nude
2. Vintage Apricot
3. Boho Brown
4. Haute Chocolate

1. Minimalist White
2. Rose Pret-A-Porter
3. Futuristic Silver
4. Little Black Dress

When I first saw the Boho Beauty palette, I was automatically drawn to it. The colours were all neutral toned colours that were spot on for Autumn/Winter but they fell completely flat once I swatched them. Such a let down! I tried them with my UDPP but that didn't help either so now I'm thinking that it might work better with one of my Bobbi Brown Metallic Long Wear Cream Shadows or the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin to give them a touch of pearl.
The A La Mode palette, on the other hand, wins in the pigment stakes. The shadows are soft and definitely a lot more easier to work with because they blend together way better. The black shade is the only let down in the palette as it isn't as dark as it could have been but it'll do the trick when doing a subtle smoky eye as it won't look as harsh as using a jet black eyeshadow. I'll have a play around and see what I can throw together!

I think the collection is great as it has some key pieces that will suit different skin tones and won't be restricted to those with fair skin or dark skin. The brush tip applicators are definitely a bonus as they eliminate the need to get your hands all sticky and you can control how much product you want with the squeezy tubes. I also loved how the palettes actually came with dinky little eyeshadow brushes instead of those blasted rubber/foam applicators that always end up in the bin.
I have a feeling that this range is going to be somewhat popular with those budding fashionistas because of the link with London College of Fashion but it might take the hardcore make-up freaks a bit more time to love the products because they're pretty basic. If there's anything I would suggest people pick up, it has to be the Tailored Cheek Tint because it's something that will come in pretty handy for those little touch ups during the day and priced at £8.50, it'll hardly break the bank!

The 'Brush With Fashion' collection hits stores in early 2011.

So, now you've seen the swatcheroonies and read my two cents on the products, is there anything that you'll be picking up from the collection when it finally comes out or is it all pretty *meh*? Drop your answers in the box!!!

Until next time...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. I had the O glow by Smashbox and that was one of those "adjust to your skintone" blushers and it did the exact same thing, stained my finger and practically vanished on my skin. Boho beauty looks quite nice.

  2. awesome post hun, i blogged about it too! :)


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