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Monday, 1 November 2010

Special Invite From Lancome

Hey all.

Friday was a very busy and action-packed day for me and it started off with a stop off in Selfridges on Oxford Street to meet a very special guest who was only in town for 24 hours...


Well, none other than Aaron De Mey the creative brains behind the brand that has given us Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz.
I was kindly invited by the Lancome PR team to meet Aaron De Mey at Selfridges and to discuss the new Christmas collection which is a collaboration between Aaron and the ever-so-fabulous fashion designer, L'Wren Scott.
When I found out about the collection a few months ago, I was uber excited. While working at Lancome, I had heard nothing but amazing things about Aaron and when I caught of wind of an upcoming collection with L'Wren Scott, well I knew it was going to be something special!

The beautiful set up right in the middle of the beauty hall in Selfridges

The beautiful visual of Daria Werbowy

Although a small collection, the collection is gorgeous nonetheless. It's made up of two nailpolishes, one mascara, one lipstick and one lipgloss. That's it. The collection as a whole is very simplistic and goes back to the basics of a smoky eye palette, burgundy red lipstick and matching gloss. However, when it comes to the two new nailpolishes and mascara, then that's just another story. They are so pretty!

The L'Wren palette

The cover

During the time spent with Aaron, which was extremely limited by the way, it was evident that this is a man who is so passionate about makeup and the brand that it actually excites you. He never once looked down or avoided eye contact with the six of us that stood in front of him. Nor did he stutter or lose his train of thought. This was a man who lived and breathed makeup and beauty. It was interesting to know that although he is a man of who loves the industry, Aaron started off in his native New Zealand where he studied to be an architect. It was from there that he realised his passion in art and furthermore, make-up.

The two beauties in all their glory. I covet the L'Wren Gris.

Whilst giving us small tips and tricks that most women do anyway, Aaron gave us small insights into how this collaboration with L'Wren Scott came about and how the collection was born. The L'Wren Gris nailpolish, for example, was created almost a year ago when Aaron was working at one of L'Wren's shows. She wanted a colour to match a grey-blue dress and asked Aaron to get to work to make a dream come true. And so he did. The colour is a gorgeous grey-blue concoction that is on trend for this season and probably seasons thereafter.

The limited edition Hypnose Drama mascara in silver

I can imagine this product being a huge hit as soon as the collection hits counters. With the party season just around the corner, sparkles and spangles are number one on any beauty junkie's list, including number one on her eyelashes. It can be used on it's own or layered on top of an all black/brown mascara for that extra twinkle.

The man behind the brand, Aaron De Mey (and me, looking like a 16 year old, with my signed L'Wren Scott palette!)

This is man who's creative genius astounds me. Not only is he a maestro and artistic director for one of the most premium luxury brands all over the world, but he is also an absolute delight to speak to. He was happy to answer all the make-up questions we had and also told us that his favourite product out of the whole collection was the L'Wren Gris nailpolish. See, I knew I had good taste!!!
From teaching us how to do a smoky eye with the palette (do an outline using an eyeliner and then work from that) to how to apply lipstick (use your fingers because they're the best tools you can have), Aaron is a man of many talents and we're lucky to have him as part of the beauty industry.

Many thanks go out to Carla and Kati of the Lancome PR team for putting together such a great event. Oh, and also to Alexandra Steinherr, the Beauty Director of Glamour, for all the giggles after the event!

Until next time my cupcakes...

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  1. You lucky girl you :) !!! And you don't like a 16 year-old you look fabulous! Great blog! xoxo

  2. The L'Wren palette is beautiful, love the smokey eyeshadow colours x

  3. You're so lucky you got to go! That's Lancome for Pete's sake! :D


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