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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sneak Peek: Forever21 Launch Party

Hey team!

For those of you that don't know and haven't heard the whispers, cult U.S brand "Forever21" is about to hit the UK and Irish shores next week and I managed to wrangle my way in to the launch party with a +1 to boot! Never underestimate the power of a blogger and a good contact list ;-)

The event was held at One Marylebone on Marylebone Road and it was packed to the brim with budding fashionistas and wannabe fashionistas and magazine folk of all kinds!

If you don't know a lot about the brand then let me take this quick minute to bring you up to speed (This bit is off the press release as they sum it up pretty damn well!):

"Forever21, Inc., headquatered in Los Angeles, is a speciality retailer of women's, men's and children's clothing and accessories, known for offering the hottest and most current fashion trends at a great value to consumers. Forever 21's model of fast fashion works by keeping the store exciting with fresh merchandise offering brought in daily. The retailer operates over 460 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, with international operations in Canada, Korea and Japan."

Now, on to the fun stuff!

The outside of One Marylebone lit up with pink lights!!!

The event was hosted by fashion model, socialite and the face of Forever 21 UK, Amber Le Bon, who was also the first out on the catwalk. Having had the pleasure of meeting Amber before at a previous event, I knew that she would be perfect for the brand as they prepare to take over the UK market. She's absolutely gorgeous and pretty much fits the bill perfectly!

The stunning visuals of Amber as soon as we got into the venue.... All clothes in the photos are going to be available from Forever21 - I've already spotted a few key pieces I know I'm going to be "needing" in my wardrobe ;-)

The DJ set up for the party after the fashion show...

Yeahhh baby!!

The party people milling around after the show!

The following photos were not taken by me and therefore do not have my tag emblazoned across them. I was given permission to use them by the PR company purely for the purpose of this post.

Amber Le Bon & Matt Horne (of Gavin & Stacey fame)


Amber was the first out on to the catwalk and gave the audience a peek into what they could expect from the rest of the show and the brand.

With the big beehive, bug-eye sunglasses and spangly outfits, you can definitely expect some Hollywood Red Carpet glitz and glam to come from the brand.

The beehive is back and doesn't look like it's going anywhere!!!

Again, with faux furs and sparkles to light up a room, the Hollywood Red Carpet look will definitely be a big winner for the UK and Irish fashionistas. From what we saw, it seems as though there will be enough sparkle and spangle to take you from day to night without looking like the disco ball!

We also got a glimpse of what the fellas in our lives can expect and it looks like the graphic tees, slouchy yet fitted jeans and blazers are here to stay.

The next type of look you can expect to see in the stores and online is the Street Edge. A line of clothing that will not only channel the inner rebel in you but also let you take a ride on the wildside without having to don a helmet and a Harley.
There was lots of leather and dark natural skin fur which can be a tad overwhelming but in the case of leather, I always find that less is more!

The printed tights, fitted bodice corset and puffball shoulders are going to have everyone channeling their dark side this Winter.

In attempts to honour all that's British, the collection wouldn't be complete or worthy of our attention if there wasn't a British Pop accent to it. With lines and designs that would make the swinging sixties and Twiggy proud, Forever21 went back to the basics and gave us fuss free dresses and trenches that would be ideal for the office or to dinner in the evening.

Along with brighter colours and flashes of chrome yellow, the brand also carried on endorsing the nude/brown trend that is on point for this season. Not only did they stay true to today's colour trends but they encorporated prints from years gone by which I'm sure will be a huge hit!

Last but not least, it seems that the Seventies Boho look is back and Forever21 is going to make sure of it. With floaty maxi dresses and knitwear to keep us warm through the shoddy weather, the collection seemed to make the best of both worlds.

For menswear, chunky knits are definitely going to be in but I'm not too sure about the whole 'jeans tucked into boots' thing that the model in the photo has going on. I fully support men being metrosexual and all that jazz, but that is just too weird for my liking.

Tassles, retro prints, kaftas and floaty fabrics will be on the list along with high waisted jeans and shorts to keep you going throughout the year.

I can't really fault the collection in any way from what I saw because it seems as though the designers have done their research of British fashion trends and know what we like (and what we don't). With 4 main themes running through all their lines, Forever21 mean business and are going to be coming in to the country with a bang. There's something for everyone and it'll probably cover every kind of occasion imaginable. I'm a huge fan of Forever21 and it is always my first stop as soon as I hit the U.S so I have no doubt in mind that it'll be an even bigger success over here. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the boho look but then again, once Summer arrives (I know, a whole year to go and it'll only last a week), I'll probably be all for it.

Let me take this post to welcome Forever21 to the UK and Ireland and wish them the best of luck with the craziness they're about to create with their exciting lines and forever changing trends!

Now, I know you're all wondering when stores are opening in London and the rest of it... Well let me break it down for you. While at the party, I ended up chatting away with Gail Abbott who is the Head of European Operations for Forever21 and she told me exactly what's what.

1. The London store will NOT be opening in February 2011 like the rumours say. There is no date as of yet but it'll most probably be OCTOBER 2011.

2. The first store to open in the UK will be in Birmingham in the Bullring Shopping Centre on 12th November 2010. The second will be in Dublin on 13th November 2010.

3. Belgium will be getting a store before London.

4. Contrary to popular belief, Regent Street may NOT be the final destination for the London store. It is most likely but nothing has been signed yet.

5. Once the London store opens (whenever that may be), there will probably be up to 100 stores opening up thereafter around the country. Until then, looks like us Londoners will be schlepping it all the way to Birmingham - or placing orders online at

6. The Ireland store will be getting the whole Forever21 family including 21MEN, Forever21+, Love21, Forever21 kids and Twelve by Twelve.

7. The UK store will carry all the Forever21 brands except Forever21 kids and Twelve by Twelve.

So there you have it boys and girls. Hopefully that will answer all your questions about the launch and what's to come over the next year or so!

I'm all teetered out now so I'm about to kick my stilettos off and have a cup of tea!

Until next time...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. thanks for the heads up lovely :)

  2. Great post! A bit sad though that the opening date for the London store is still sooooo far away :(

  3. I'M UBER excited !!!

    Kaushal xx

  4. Great post hun, loved all the pictures!

    Very very excited indeed about Forever 21 opening!

    Looks like you had a fab night!


  5. I discovered Forever 21 two years ago in Dubai...bought a nice top from there. I thought it reminded me of H&M a bit...the name's a bit naff, though. Wonder why it's taken so long to get here and agree, the opening of the London stores is too far away. Question, was Amber's dad there??

  6. Thanks sooo much for posting this hun :)Goodness I gotta wait till next year, hopefully I would have secured a grad job, and can shop till I drop!!

  7. Great post :-) looks like you had a really good evening, thanks for all the info.

  8. Thanks for your comments girls. I'm glad I was able to get you all the scoop on the brand and what to expect.

    It pains me to think that London has to wait almost a year before the brand comes over here and it bloody better be worth it. Lol!



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