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Friday, 19 November 2010

Review: Stargazer Nailpolishes

Hi team!

Now this is a post that actually should have gone live about a month ago (maybe longer?) but me being me, kept publishing other posts beforehand. Therefore, it has been patiently sitting in my drafts and waiting to be published for your peepers but I finally got round to it.


I was sent a selection of Stargazer products a few months back and had a nice play around with them before I did a write up. You can see my review and swatcheroonies of the eyeshadows and loose pigments HERE.

In the selection, I was also sent 4 nailpolishes to try out so I set out to get a good feel of them and feel that now is the right time to give them the spotlight.

First up:

Number 233 - A nice hot pink
As soon as I received the products and saw this pink number nestled at the bottom, I had a feeling that it may be the start of a love affair like no other. However, I was kind of wrong because when I applied it... It didn't stand out enough for me.
I'm sure you've all gathered that I'm a huge fan of bright and bold colours so I thought that this might be another that I can add to my collection but it fell a bit on the *meh* side for me.
However, it is definitely a pretty colour and might look better after 3 coats and not just 2 like I have on in the photo. I'm happy to report that there was no streaky business and the polish dried relatively quickly which meant that I was able to have 2 coats done and dusted within about 10 minutes. Good stuff!

Second up:

Number 503 - A lilac/pink number
This is probably my least favourite nailpolish out of the four that I was sent because it's too safe for my liking. Although I like my neutral toned colours and have even started to branch out in to the world of purples and lilacs, I just couldn't place whether to call this colour lilac or pink. It's right there in the middle and a cross between the two.
Unlike the hot pink polish, I had a lot of trouble getting this one to work. The first coat went on streaky and the second coat didn't help either which was a shame because it was a lot creamier than the bright pink nailpolish. When I saw the consistency of this product, I thought that it may not look so bad on as opposed to in the bottle but I was wrong. It's just not for me.

Third up:

Number 110 - Ice cold baby blue
This is undoubtedly a summer shade and not something I would pick up in winter because I think it would look way better with a tan rather than a pale canvas. It was a lot easier to work with rather than the lilac/pink number but it still went on a bit streaky. Although I only used 2 coats in the photo, I would like to see the finish of this after 3 coats and maybe on top of an opaque white base. As there is a metallic-ish finish to the nailpolish, if placed on top of a white base - it could look pretty and stand out more than it already does.


Number 157 - A very pretty indigo blue
This nailpolish is my favourite out of the bunch and has been adorned on my nails several times since I got it. The colour is different to other metallic blues that I have in my collection and it applies amazingly well! There was no streaky first coat or lumpy second coat, instead there was just a really smooth application with no need for more than 2 coats. The colour isn't as eye-catching as the others but it has raised a few eyebrows from people that haven't known whether to call it blue or purple. I think it's more indigo and I love it!

The nailpolishes from Stargazer are priced between £2.00 - £2.50 so for the price, you can't really go wrong. Ok, so the quality isn't amazing but I would like to see what other colours the brand has to offer and if the consistency is a variable depending on finish of the nailpolish. I would probably steer away from the creamy finish nailpolishes as I have a feeling that they may all fall in line with the lilac/pink one, but Stargazer have got my attention now after being impressed with the pigmentation of their eyeshadows and the payoff of their nailpolishes.

Stargazer products are available at New Look stores and online HERE.

Have any of you tried any Stargazer products before or do you tend to avoid it like the plague because of the eye-blinding neons?? Answers on a postcard!

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