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Sunday, 21 November 2010

NOTD: OPI 'Moon Over Mumbai'

Hey kids.

A very quick NOTD post for your delight! While on my quest to find a dupe for MAC's Light Affair nailpolish from their Love Lace collection - I came across this beauty online but instead of buying it online, I swapped it.
The ever-so-lovely Helen of JustNiceThings was more than happy to depart with hers in exchange for some other bits and bobs that I had. She took my swap-ginity (Couldn't help but add that in there).

OPI's Moon Over Mumbai

Isn't she a beaut?

There's a very subtle shimmer in this polish that isn't really clear in the photo but when the light catches it, it looks so pretty. However, to get this level of opacity took me 4 coats!
You all know how I am about having to put layers and layers of nailpolish on just so it gives a good finish... Well, this is is one of those products. As gorgeous as it is, I have been told that it would look a lot better with a white base and it'll stand out a lot more so I plan on trying it that way. I also want to try it with an black base and see if that creates a different effect. So many creations, so little time!

Have any of you tried this nailpolish before? Did you have the same issue?
Let me know!!

Until next time...

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