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Monday, 29 November 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Cloud Nine 'Gift of Christmas Volume'

Hey all.

Still stuck for ideas about what to get those you love most? Well, how about showing someone you really care by getting them newest and most exciting hair styling tool around? (Sounds so cheesy but I'm being honest! Lol!)

TheO uses heat induction technology that heats each roller to 130 degrees in less than four seconds. Amazing, right?
I've had a couple of weeks to play around with TheO now and have a lengthy review to follow so I definitely think that this is an ideal gift for anyone that loves hair products or is dying for that hair-do with a bit of va va voom.

Cloud Nine have put together an amazing giftset for Christmas which contains the following:

- TheO Pod
- 4 x 30mm rollers
- 4 x 40mm rollers
- 4 x 50mm rollers
- Cloud Nine Amplify Spray
- Sectioning comb
- Gorgeous limited edition case

If you ask me, that is a bloody handy gift set!!!

The Cloud Nice 'Gift of Christmas Volume' gift set is priced at £199.95 and is availabe from HERE or call 0845 026 7121 to find your nearest stockist.

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