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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Swatcheroonies: Inika Mineral Cosmetics

Hey kids.

As you know, I attended the Inika Cosmetics launch last week and was given a few samples from the range in my goodie bag to have a play around with and to get a better feel of the products. It's difficult to decide whether or not you like a product after one swatch so I spent the weekend playing with the products and now have an inkling about whether or not they're for me.
Let me start with saying that they totally are for me!

The all black gift box and packaging - So chic

The Products!

Lip Whip in Berry

This is more of a conditioning treatment than a lipgloss or lip stain. It's quite thick in texture which is down to the honey in the formulae but it still works. It's definitely not something that you'd want to pair with a lipgloss or lipstick but on its own, it's great. You can taste the honey in the product but it isn't a sickly sweet taste but a very subtle hint.
However, there is no colour to this whatsoever when applied to the lips. In the tube, it's a lovely rosey pink. In the swatch, it's a very light pink. On the lips, nothing. However, that being said, I think that this is a good product to have in a handbag and don't feel like digging out the good ol' Vaseline and getting it stuck in your nails.

Mineral Eye Shadow in Thunder

I'm not a big fan of loose eyeshadows or pigments at all. I find them messy, time consuming and kind of pointless. However, I still gave this product a fair play around and found that it isn't as bad as I initially thought. As it is a matte mineral shadow, there are no big chunks of glitter or shimmer that spill out all over the place. It is, instead, a dark grey/black that can be used wet or dry and makes a pretty decent eyeliner (if you've got a steady enough hand).
Inika has a huge range of loose mineral shadows which is great because very few mineral makeup brands can offer that to their consumers.

Eye Liner in Black Caviar

I'm always on the hunt for a good soft-but-not-too-soft black eyeliner and this is a good contender. It's soft and smudgy without being a total mess, which isn't always a problem but is most of the time. I loved the fact that it has a convinient sharperner in the lid type thing going on and it's not the first to do this. Models Own and ELF Cosmetics are just two of the brands out there that do it. It's definitely a good feature to have because it saves to much time on hunting for one or using your actual pencil sharpener when you're in a rush.
The black isn't the most intense black I've come across but it blends seemingly well and can be used underneath the loose shadows as a base to help them stick.

Synthetic Hair Kabuki Brush

I seem to have picked up a thing for makeup brushes at the moment so getting this in my goodie bag was a bonus because I loved the Inika brushes that were at the event. Considering the range is relatively small, there was clearly still enough time to create 6 brushes for the brand which are all made from synthetic hair but of the finest kind. This has to be one of the softest brushes I have and I have a fair few brushes! As it is a cheek or all over face brush, it picks up product really well and is soft enough to blend it all out to give a flawless finish. Also, the handle is longer than what you would find on most kabuki brushes which allows for a better grip when blending.

Overall, now that I've had a chance to play around with the products I can safely say that they are great products to have. The test when being given products from an event is whether or not I would go out and repurchase them or purchase more from the brand, in this case; I would. Inika has so many products to offer and with it being free of all the crappy chemical stuff, it's a brand to watch!

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  1. LOVE the lip whip colour!! I love nudes & pinks!!
    & that kabuki brush looks SUPER soft!!

    Kaushal xx


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