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Sunday, 17 October 2010

NOTD: Revlon 'Emerald City' Matte

Hey all.

Seeing as I'm on this whole NOTD phase, here's another one for the books!
This is part of Revlon's A/W collection and is a b.e.a.utiful emerald with a matte twist. It's called
Emerald City and considering it's a matte, it has a nice sparkle in it which is the twist ;-)

She's a beaut, isn't she??

I know some people have been adding a coat or 2 of a matte finisher on top to get a completely flat finish but that didn't quite occur to me at the time of painting it on. Lol. However, I did get 3 days of wear without encoutering any tip wear so that's pretty good considering I know some bloggers have reported 4-5 days of no tip wear when it has a top coat.

The colour is on trend for Autumn/Winter and I'll most definitely be giving it a go with a glossy clear coat on top to mix it up a bit :-)

Are you feeling the matte trend lately or are you going to avoid it at all costs?

Until next time...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

SMALL PRINT: The product was sent to me for review purposes only along with the rest of the A/W collection. As always, all opinions are completely honest and my own.

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4 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Very Pretty nail colour! I'm unsure about my feelings towards the matte nail look.. I'd love to give this a go though!x

  2. Lovely colour & your nails look amazing! I'm also a bit wary of the whole matte trend so this would be fab to ease me in gently!!

  3. Hi girls!
    I think this is a good way to ease yourself into the matte world because it's not a completely flat colour and the shimmer in it will help to make that transition ;-)

    If it's not your cup of tea when it's dried then add a clear gloss coat and you'll have a completely new polish! xoxo

  4. I.Am.Addicted.To.Matte.Nails.

    I bought Essie's Matte About You and I fell in love. I did a dark red (I felt a bit like a vamp as it looked like blood), then a shimmery silver/gray (I liked it, but not the best with my skin color), then a lilac (loved!!!!), and now I have a dark blue/black on. I love the current color I have on now the best, matte does so much more to black than a shiny top coat does. I will keep trying more colors then adding the matte top coat for quite a while :)


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