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Sunday, 3 October 2010

NOTD: Eyeko 'Rain Polish'

Hi campers!

I'm sure you've all had a look and my nailpolish haul from last week and will probably recognise this bluey bleige number from my Eyeko spree. I was a bit torn about which colour to do my nails first but in the end I settled for 'Rain Polish' purely because the weather has been absolutely rubbish in London. It's been non-stop rain and when it does finally stop, it's so dull outside that you don't feel like leaving the house :-(

Anyway, I present 'Rain Polish' by Eyeko

I thought that this might be another baby blue nailpolish with no 'pzazzz' but I was so wrong. So so wrong.

I don't think I could even call this shade baby blue because it has this grey-ish tinge to it. Or is it a beige-ish tinge? I don't know but I definitely know it's not a bogstandard baby blue. There's also this really faint hint of a shimmer running through which you can only see when you look at it closer but I like it.
It's subdued without being boring which makes a nice change from the bright Shrek inspired 'Who The Shrek Are You?' by OPI that I was wearing last week!

Like all Eyeko nailpolishes, the label has this really cute design with the backdrop of 'Rain Polish' being the London skyline (I completely forgot to take a photo of it but it is cute). The consistency is great with it only needing 2 coats for a nice opaque finish, although the first coat did go on streaky it wasn't anything to worry about because the second coat does the trick :-)

Eyeko nailpolishes are available from HERE and are priced at £3.50 each.

Are you a fan of Eyeko nailpolishes? What shade is your favourite?

Until next time...

Take care and remember to
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  1. That looks really pretty on you.

  2. I also just got this polish along with another few. It's just so amazing how one minute it's grey and the next blue and someone even mentioned green to me? How have you found the longevity? I was naughty and didn't apply a top coat which is usually fine for me- barry m can last me about 3 days chip free but within about 12 hours my nails were a disgrace with this. SO disappointing! x

  3. a bit bland for my liking but i must say it really really suits you. the best i've seen it on people so far and this is why i will never get sick of eyeko posts no matter what people say x

  4. Thanks girls!
    I've only been wearing it a day and I've already had some tip wear so I have a feeling that by day 3, the thing will be chipping really badly. Boo :-(

  5. I've got this!! ... Reminds me of blu tac! In a good way though because the colour is gorgeous! Looks like the sky when it's rained :)

    Kaushal xx


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