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Friday, 8 October 2010

Bobbi Brown 'Beauty Rules' Book: Launch Party!

Hey boys and girls!

I'm not going to waffle on too much because there are a whole load of photos to get through and I'm sure I'll find something or the other to ramble on about throughout the post!

Just a quick 'Who. What. Where' kind of thing:
The Bobbi Brown PR team organised and threw an amazing party to launch Bobbi's new book 'Beauty Rules'. The book is aimed at teenagers and those in their Twenties, however it doesn't mean that it's not got something in there for everyone!
The party was held at Paramount which is on the 32nd floor of Centre Point in London. With wide open spaces, wooden panelling and panoramic views of London from all around you... The party was in full swing with a couple of celebrities thrown into the mix!

The cover of the book and the huge visual as soon as you walked into the venue:

The photoshoot wall:

Beauty Rules baby!

The amazing visuals which were placed around the whole venue:

All the girls in Bobbi's new book are 'real' girls. They're not models and they're not actresses or singers. They're girls and young women that Bobbi bumped into on the street or in a restaurant or she knows personally. It's all about feeling confident being you. The real you.

I'm so tempted to try that blue and orange eyeshadow look but I'd probably look like a clown!

Representing 'The 6 Inch Stilettos' at the Blogger Bar which was set up at the party!!!

The candid photo booth! I could have spent all night in there... It has a pre-installed wind machine!!!! I'll post my pics up from there tomorrow ;-)

Now on to the fun and frolicks....

We had BEN GRIMES on the 1s and 2s!

Some of the party people warming up to 'bust a move'

Look inside the photo booth and who do I spot? None other than AMBER LE BON (right) and her gorgeous friend! I stood next to these two at one point and felt like a right hobbit!

Spotted! Paul Herrington, Head of Artistry, working his magic on the gorgeous Alicia!

Look at that concentration!! Don't be afraid of sparkle... Sparkle is your friend ;-)

One of the makeup stations.. Complete with the new BEAUTY RULES palette!!

Another makeup station which was fully kitted out to keep the bevvy of beauties all preened and pampered

Don't you just want to jump into this photo and play with all the makeup!?!?

Everything was bright, colourful and definitely in tune with the theme of the party :-)

Some more party people...

The queue for the photo booth! Seriously, the camera in this badboy is IN-CREDIBLE!

There was a whole lot of swatcheroonies going on throughout the night... I've never seen so many people trying to swatch a palette before. The 'Beauty Rules' palette is going to be a top seller so make sure you grab one while you can!!!

WOW!!! That was one hell of a long post!!!
There you have it folks... A sneaky look into the launch party of 'Beauty Rules' and the escapades of all the gorgeous people of London Town. I know quite a few of those partygoers must have woken up with a banging headache and some sore feet from all the dancing but it was definitely worth it.

I was given a copy of the book at the party so look out for a post on that in the next few days and with all the details you need about where to get it and how much it is. From what I've seen and read of it so far, there's something for everyone and if you have a collection of makeup books, you will NEED this in your collection!

Until next time...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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