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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sneak Peek: Mina UK Store Opening

Hi all!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening party of the new Mina UK store on Thursday 9th September at their new home in London.

Being the forgetful ditz that I am, I left my camera at home but I was able to sweet talk the PR people to send me some good shots of the venue and some of the famous faces that made an appearance.

If you've not heard much about Mina UK, let me educate you :)

The brand first emerged on the streets of Portobello Market in London in 2004 and quickly gained popularity for it's fun and eccentric apparel but too 'out there' that it wouldn't appeal to the wider market. The clever people behind Mina UK realised that there was a niche in the fashion market that could be filled with their range and they took full advantage.

So here they are now. With a brand new boutique in the heart of London's fashion district, Mina UK is well on their way to establishing themselves as a top high street retailer which will be able to satisfy the needs of even the most starved fashionista :-)

Want to take a looksie inside the shop?

The boutique is a gorgeous open space with lots of room to manouvre around the rails without accidentally picking up one of two hangers by mistake! I hate when hangers get caught on to my bag or clothes!

Famous faces at the party:
Ex-Eastender and up and coming pop/R&B star, Preeya Kalidas

British supermodel, Olivia Inge

Pop star, Melanie Blatt (who was lucky enough to walk away with 2 swag bags!)

Overall the night was a huge success. Famous faces and copius amounts of alcohol definitely made for some funny stories the day after... Isn't that right, Goz? ;-)
The new range of clothes set my bank account in overdrive and I've already got a wishlist as long as my arm of the bits and bobs that I want!

The new store is located on 36-38 Great Titchfield Street and the nearest tube station is Oxford Circus.
However, if going to the boutique is too much of an effort (I know there are some lazy so & so's out there!) then fear not because you can always go to the Mina UK website. Just click HERE.

Until next time...

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