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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Review: Republic Clothing New Collection!

Hi di hi campers!

Hope you're all doing well and had a great weekend. This month is going to be a seriously hectic for me with weddings and engagement parties every weekend so there might not be as many posts over the next few weeks.

Now, I hardly do clothing reviews on my blog but I do like to indulge in an OOTD every once in a while and prance around to show you lovely lot what I'm wearing and where it's from.
I was contacted a little while ago to take a look at the new collection from Republic, which is a high street brand, and pick a couple of pieces to try on and do a bit of a show and tell so here goes!

Outfit 1:
Miso Rose Print Dress


This is definitely a summery number and would have been perfect for those scorching weekenders that the UK endured for the month of June and July. It's very lightweight and had an elastic waistband which nipped me in at the right place so it didn't look like I was drowning in a sea of material. The lace trim on the arms and on the bottom hem of the dress was spot on with the Spring and Summer trend of lace anywhere possible and took the dress from being a standard summery number to a flirty and cute outfit that could be paired with wedges or flip flops.. Depending on the occasion.
The only issue I had with this dress was that it was a teeeeeny bit see through (I'm sure most of you have made out my black underwear!) It didn't look as see through to the eye but the flash on my camera suddenly exposed me so if you do pick this one up in Republic or online then maybe go with nude underwear.. Just a though! ;-)

Outfit 2:
Miso Mini Rose Print Skirt


When I saw this skirt I immediately thought it was very cute but maybe a touch on the short side for my and my chubby legs. I loved the print but wasn't too keen on the fabric and I was right. I'd probably love to see this skirt with someone with a more svelte figure and not as chunky thighs as mine but after a couple of 'sucked in' poses and some clever leg posing, I think I made it work. Lol.
It does run a little on the short side which I should have known when reading the description of the skirt but it's still a cute one. I probably wouldn't wear it out on the town, or to the shops for that matter, but that's just because I'm too self conscious and would think my buttcheeks are hanging out. I would, however, wear it on holiday when all self inflicted pre conceptions about one's saggy butt go flying out of the window with all the other sensible clothes that we'd only wear on home ground.

Outfit 3:
Miso Lace Back Dress


The belt and shoes were my own little touches but the dress is very pretty and probably my favourite out of the collection.
The lace panelling on the arms was spot on with the Spring/Summer trend and was seen all over the catwalks from high street to high end. However, unlike the cream rose print dress, this sexy number is perfect for nights out on the town and the fact that it's black means that you can wear any colour accessories to break it up and add a POP of colour.
It has a ruching (I don't know how to spell it but I'm hoping you know what I mean) design towards the bottom of the dress which I find to be very flattering as it can help conceal all those lumps and bumps that we don't want seen.

This is what the back of the dress looked like.
The lace panel at the back added just the right amount of sexy but as it didn't run too low down, it didn't look trashy.
Definitely a winner!!!

Overall, from the pieces I've had a look at and had a play around with, I'm really liking the look of the new collection from Republic. There are pieces to suit any occasion from days out in the park to parties at night and I'm sure almost anyone will be able to find something that tickles their fancy :-)

You can buy the outfits I showcased from HERE along with the rest of the collection, both old and new!

The accessories in my pics:

Watch - Cartier
Necklace - Swarovski
Yellow belt - H&M
Black gladiator shoes - Guess

What collection or trend are you loving at the moment? Let me know!

Until next time...
Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. wow wow wow how cool is that black dress. i love the floral pattern of the mini skirt, but the dress totally does it for me. love how you accessorised it with yellow belt and shoes, so freaking sexy. killer figure, !!! xx

  2. Really love your lace dress. yup definitely a winner. The lace details are pretty.

  3. Ahh I adore Republic, they have some beautiful dresses! :)


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