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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Tutorial: Rainbow Eyes

Hi all.

This is going to be another photo heavy post because it's a tutorial so I'm not going to ramble and just get straight to it!

I had a lot of people ask me to do a tutorial on the eye look I was wearing last weekend with all the bright colours... Well, I've been playing around and this is the closest I could get to it. I didn't realise how hard it is to go back and re-make something that was done on the spot...

I know it's not exactly the same and there have been some slight changes because I couldn't get it right but I'm hoping it'll do the trick anyway. Oh yeah, my eyebrows are not a pretty sight in this tutorial so I've attempted to crop them out but there may be some stray buggers around so please excuse the horrendousness!
Here goes!!!

The finished look should look something like this..........

I've only used high street (drug store) makeup in this so it should be fairly easy to get hold of if you're after the same products. Oh and I bought all the products that I used in this tutorial with my hard earned moolah!

Firstly, prep your eyes with a primer. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion because I have loads to use up! You need to pat the primer on all the way to your brows and a teeny bit on your bottom lash line.

Using the Beauty UK palette with all the bright shades, take the yellow using a flat eyeshadow brush... (Mine was from Boots)

...and pat it all over the lid up to the crease. The more you pat on, the more vibrant the colour will be so pat away!

Then, taking a short haired blending brush (Mine was from, swirl the tip of it in the hot pink and...

take it straight into the crease and outer V. It looks a bit drastic but we'll tone it down...

Taking your fluffy blending brush (I used my Inglot one) blend the colours together but try not to drag the pink too far out or too far into the yellow. If you do bring it too far down into the first colour then just add some more yellow.. Simple.

Using a tapered blending brush (This one was from Royal & Langnickel brushes at IMATS)... Swirl the tip into the vibrant purple shade...

...and put it straight on top of the pink. This is where I made the mistake and took far too much purple to the point where it overshadows the pink.... I'm not going to act like that it was intentional! LOL. It was meant to be a teeny bit of purple just to add some dimension but I got carried away because it was dark in my room and it looked like there was no purple. Whoops!!

After you've blended it in properly, it should look something like this.....

Then, using a pencil brush (MAC 219) take the teal/turquoise shade....

...and smudge it into the outer half of your lower lash line. You can take it all the way if you like but I felt like a clown when I tried that!

So far, this is what it should look like..... Like I said, you can always add more yellow to the middle of your eyelid to make it "POP" a little more.

As the bright palette doesn't have a highlight shade, I used a fluffy eyeshadow brush (Crown Brush from IMATS) and used the white shade in the Beauty UK pastel palette.

*I forgot to show what it looked like with the highlight. You know what you're meant to do with it!*

Taking your favourite liquid or gel liner.... I used the Bourjois Lineur Pinceau (or something)...

and line your upper lash line... I winged it up and out to join the shadow but you can do that however you feel comfortable...

Then add lashings of a lengthening mascara (CoverGirl LashBlast Length) and line your waterline using a black pencil or kohl liner (MAC Feline) and you're done!

TAAAA DAAAAA!!! (Sorry, I couldn't help but do a cheesy taaa daaa!)

Meeeowwww! LOL

What I've used:
- Mally concealer and setting powder
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Beauty UK palettes in Number 1 (pastels) and Number 2 (brights)
- Bourjois Lineur Pinceau liquid liner
- MAC Feline kohl pencil
- CoverGirl Lash Blash Length mascara

The Beauty UK palettes are available to buy from Superdrug stores nationwide and

Are you going to try this look out or recreate it using different colours? I want to know!!

If you have anymore requests then drop it in the comments box or just email me :-)

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. Worth the wait: blimey who would have thought such a cute look with a such an inexpensive palette. very delicate, summery, bright and pretty xx

  2. Thanks so much for commenting!! I didn't know if I had done it right because nobody dropped a nice word.. Mwah!!
    The palette is only £5 so it's definitely worth having!

  3. thank you for the tutorial :) really helpful

  4. This looks so pretty. I have always passed up on the Beauty UK palettes, but the quality looks great. x

  5. looks very pretty :) xx

  6. Yay, i just came along your blog and now i'm a new follower :D
    this reminds me of the sunset! love it.

  7. That's beautiful!!I really do love your tutorials!So inspiering!! :)x

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