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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sniff Review: Giorgio Armani ' ACQUA DI GIOIA'

Hi all.

I've never done a fragrance review on my blog before so I thought I'd try to do one and see how it pans out. I just want to clarify one thing, my sense of smell is quite sensitive but I'm rubbish at narrowing down what notes of what essence and hoo-ha are in a fragrance so I'll try my best to make sense of the scent.. I can't guarantee that it'll make a lot of sense to you though!

So Giorgio Armani have released a new Summer fragrance called 'ACQUA DI GIOIA' (Repeat after me: Aqua-Di-Joy. Seriously, it's spelt all fancy schmancy but that's how it's pronounced.) I think it was to replace the summer version of Armani Code, which is still one of my all time favourite perfumes!
Anywho, the fragrance launched back in April and I was kindly invited to the event but I couldn't make it because I was in New York at the time. However, the press officer who organised the event is a friend of mine and ended up giving me the perfume as a gift.

What they say:
"ACQUA DI GIOIA celebrates Woman and Nature, suggesting an exhilating escape in which all the senses are awakened. It is inspired by distant islands where Giorgio Armani likes to replenish his energy and where rainwater and sea spray blend together creating a liquid that evokes the very spirit of luxuriant and fertile nature. In ACQUA DI GIOIA, powerful terrestrial elements conjure up the image of a strong, serene and free-spirited woman who exists in perfect harmony with Mother Nature."

The scent:
'There is a charming sensation of freshness from the very first vegetal notes which are carried along in a deliciously heady current of crushed Mint, with a zest of Italian "Limone Primo Fiore Femminello", harvested from the first spring blossoms in Calabria.
This emotion transforms into an aquatic renaissance with a delicate and crystalline nature derived from the scent of Water Jasmine, giving the perfume sophisticated and unexpected facets.
At its base, ACQUA DI GIOIA bears the signature of water rooted in the Earth, reveled by luscious LMR Cedarwood Heart sprinkled with sensuous Brown Sugar and Labdanum, which is one of the rare plants to possess animal notes."

What I say:
It smells like a mojito. In a good way.
When I first got the perfume, my friend said the exact same thing to me and she was spot on. The smell of mint is very distinct when you first spritz the fragrance but it doesn't overpower the rest of the notes either. Now I have no idea what the other notes of "LMR Cedarwood Heart" or "Labdanum" smell like, but the hint of mint and sprinkle of brown sugar is unmissable.
When I was in New York back in April, mojitos were all around so now smelling this fragrance only brings back really good memories :)
Although it is a sweet scent, it is not heavy and instead lingers very lightly in the crook of my elbow, wrist and collar bone so I can still smell it throughout the day. I'm glad it's not one of those perfumes that disappears about 10 minutes after you've spritzed it!

The packaging:
I wasn't too sure about the shape of the bottle when I first took it out of the box. I guess I prefer the sleek shape of the Armani Code bottles. It's a curved bottle and with hint of green in the glass which I've been told is delibrate as it "...combines the notion of the waves of the sea and a woman's body in a single drop of thick, transparent glass."
Um, did you just call me 'thick'???
Ok, I'm taking it personally but it's not my favourite shaped bottle out of all the Armani fragrances. However, I really do like the scent of the fragrance so it outweighs the shape of the bottle.

I can safely say that this is contender for Scent of the Summer!

The fragrance will be available nationwide from July 2010. The RRP will be as follows:
30ml - £33.00
50ml - £43.50
100ml - £60.00

If I hadn't been gifted this then I'm not sure if I would have gone out to buy it but then again, I've never actually bought myself a perfume. I have a stash of perfumes that have been given to me for birthdays, Christmas and all sorts so I tend to make my way through those!

Will you be picking this perfume up when it goes on sale next month?? Let me know in the box!

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

SMALL PRINT: This product was gifted to me by a friend. I am not being paid for this review nor am I affiliated with the brand. As always, my opinions on the product are my own and brutally honest.

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