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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Oooh I Have A Guest....

Hi all.

I thought, seeing as I've hit a juicy 200+ followers that I would mix it up a bit on the blog so I invited the gorgeous Holly from YMBeautyBlog to do a guest spot on here and she said yes! Wahey! So, without further ado, I give you Holly!

Spring Saviours – Products I’m loving this Spring

Surprisingly for the UK the weather has been scorching over the past few weeks which is of course lovely but it did catch my make-up routine off guard a little.

Not being prepared and failing to adapt my slap for the first few days of the heat my make-up barely lasted a few hours but now I’m in the swing of spring I’m loving my new routine and the products I’m currently using.

Here are some mini reviews for you on some great products which will help you to keep looking HOT in the heat.

1. John Frieda’s Root Awakening strength boosting leave-in spray
If hair health is a concern of yours particularly in the summer then John Frieda’s latest root awakening range is one to try. The products are formulated to help improve and strengthen your hair from the roots to the tip using Eucalyptus to nourish and add shine.
I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner from the range over the past few months which I simply love; they smell minty fresh and leave my hair feeling amazingly soft.
The strength boosting spray smells just as delicious, is applied to wet hair to help detangle, protect from the heat of styling appliances and ultimately improve hair health over time.

2. Clinique Anti-Blemish foundation
Every day last week I tested the lasting power of different foundations on my skin in the sunny weather. Some lasted a few hours, most stayed on until the afternoon but the only one that stayed put a full ten hours was Clinique’s latest foundation.
If you’re looking for a foundation to see you through the day without touch ups this summer, Anti-Blemish is one to try. Its oil free, has medium coverage, contains spot fighting ingredients and gives a matte finish.
I’m not usually a fan of Clinique foundations but I really love this one, it keeps away the shine without being cakey and feels so light on the skin. However the matching concealer is a waste of time, it is heavy, dries incredibly fast and the colours are poor.

3. Mac’s 131 brush
This duo fibre lovely was incredibly hard to get hold of but I’m glad to say it was well worth it, if you can get your mitts on it it’s worth the investment.
The bristles are soft; it’s not too dense and is a lovely shape for placing blush on the cheekbones. It dispenses powder products very naturally if you’re going for a subtle pop of colour but works best with cream/gel products.
I’ve been using it mainly with my Nar’s Multiple Tint and it picks up just the right amount of product and makes applying cream a dream which I often used to find tricky. Definitely a Mac fave of mine, it’s up there with the 109 and 189 for sure.

Note to self – must get a back-up asap!

4. EcoTools concealer brush
I’ll keep it short and sweet, you MUST get this brush. Not only is it well priced at just under a fiver and great quality it also has a multitude of uses.
It is synthetic and wonderfully soft, most concealer brushes you find are small and flat but this is on the larger side and fluffy making it great for getting a natural finish and blending.
I have one for concealer around my eyes, one for concealer on my face and another for applying cream eyeshadows.

5. Nars Multiple Tint – Limited Edition
Multiples have never really grabbed me, I’m intrigued by the multi-use aspect but put off by the formula of most.
Having oily skin most cream based products don’t tend to work well on me but the new tint versions are more like gels and have a different finish to the originals.
Turks and Caicos looks insanely bright and non-wearable but trust me the colour is divine when applied. It leaves a gorgeous pinky, peach colour on the cheeks and a lovely healthy, glowing finish.
I’m mad about this and if you get a chance to swatch it you’ll see why, the colour and finish are so unique it definitely makes up for its hefty price tag.

6. 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks
These lipsticks might just be the best dupes I’ve ever found. For a fifth of the price these gorgeous lippies are a great imitation of my beloved Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Shine lipstick/glosses.
The formula is just the same, a combination of colour, creamy texture and a glossy finish. They come in around ten shades and I now have three which I love.
Peace, a bright coral, Belle, a pretty rose pink and my absolute favourite Beehive a nude pink similar to Mac’s Hue but with a glossy finish.

7. Pixi Lip Blush
Lip stains are great for the summer or for lazy people like myself who hate touching up their make-up during the day. I have many but my new Pixi lip blush in Youth, a gorgeous bright, baby peachy/pink is definitely my favourite.
The colour is amazing leaving my lips a pretty baby pink colour, is easy to apply, lasts for ages and tastes gorgeous like Frutti Tutti gum.
Boots have just started stocking Pixi products which is where I found mine, as if I need another brand to lust over when I’m shopping for baby wipes and essentials.

Oh, incase you were wondering what the NARS, 17 and Pixi products look like, here are some swatches for you :)

With flash...

Without flash...

I hope you enjoyed reading my first guest post on the lovely Amrita’s blog and finding out my current spring loves. Off to put on my 6 inch heels now and walk tall!!

Well, I'm pretty sure I'll be heading off to Boots or Superdrug this weekend to pick up some of those products mentioned!! I've already got the Eco-Tools Concealer Brush and it really is as great as Holly says it is so I recommend that one over some of the more expensive ones out there!
A big big thank you again to Holly for putting something special together for my blog and let's hope this isn't the last time we see her on here. Make sure you all go over to the YMBeautyBlog and take a look at Holly on her home turf too!

Until next time my loves...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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