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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

In & Out 1

Hi all!

I've been seeing these In and Out affairs on quite a few blogs but having never ventured into that area before, I thought that maybe it's time I jumped on the bandwagon and gave it a whirl. Here goes....


Short nails - Although I've been missing my talons and can't wait for them to grow back, I'm surprisingly enjoying having short nails at the moment. I haven't been wearing any nailpolish on them either because I thought that maybe I should let them breathe.

Sex & The City re-runs - Having watched the latest movie and being somewhat disappointed with it, I still find joy in watching the re-runs from the early days of Carrie and Co. Although, I'm glad their fashion sense evolved over the years!

Job hunting - You all know that I've just finished my internship over at Lancome in their press office so now I'm even more determined to find myself a job in PR and will network my backside off until I do.

Glasses- I've been wearing contact lenses for a long time now and hardly ever go out in my glasses unless it's a very very lazy day. Yet, lately I've been reaching for my glasses a lot more and I think it's because they're just so much more convinient. Well, that and because my contact lenses have run out.


Essie Guilty Pleasures - It is such a gorgeous colour in the bottle but it takes at least 3-4 coats before I can get a half decent finish. It's just way too time consuming for my liking!

Babyliss hair straighteners - I've been trying to ditch my hair straightners for a while now but I keep running back to them at the first sight of the dreaded frizz. Well, my Babyliss straightners which are surprisingly good are on their last legs so I'm going to need to hunt down a good set now.. I'm thinking Cloud Nine's.

Vaseline - I can't stand the stuff anymore, purely because it melts far too quickly and then becomes a horrible mess! It's all about the Carmex in a tube or EOS lip balms!

Jimmy - No I'm not talking about condoms (I know someone is going to think that)... I'm talking about my big ankle brace boot thing that Beckham and Rooney have both been seen sporting.
That's my Jimmy and my Louboutin.. No, I didn't actually go out with one stiletto on. It was when I was feeling depressed after the doctor told me I may never walk in heels again.

That's it!
I'm going to do a 'Products I'm Loving Right Now' thingy over the weekend! Wooo!

What are your loves and hates right now? I want to know.

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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