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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Floating On Cloud 9.... EXCLUSIVE

Hi all!!!

Today has been a very busy day but definitely a fun filled one so I'll just get right down to the fun stuff ;-)

I was kindly invited to an event today held at The Dorchester (Overly posh hotel on Park Lane) in one of their penthouse suites to witness a brand spanking never-been-done before creation of TheO ...No, not Theo (like the guy from The Cosby Show) but THE O.

So what is TheO??

TheO is a revolutionary new hair styling tool that will make it so much easier to get those gorgeous soft (or tight) curls that seem to be everywhere these days!
Gone are the days of having to use your hair straighteners to create curls or waves.
Gone are the days of having to burn your fingers on a curling tong.
Gone are the days of having to nip to the hairdresser and get rollers and hairnet put in your hair and then have to sit under the blowdryer thingybob (I can't remember the actual name of it.)

TheO is a unit that has specially made rollers where you just pop them in the pod, they heat up in 4 seconds and you twist them in to your hair. That's it.

Not convinced?

Ok, how about if I told you that if you put your hand in the pod, it wouldn't burn? Seriously. You would think that if you're heating up rollers in this pod then it must be hot... Nope.
Even once you take the roller out of the pod, the roller isn't even hot.

So how does it work? Well, this is what TheO people had to say:

TheO uses unique heat induction technology that takes each roller to a temperature of 130 degrees – the highest you can achieve within a heated roller - in less than four seconds, giving you the volume that can only be achieved with a roller, in record time.
Simply pop a roller into the futuristic pod, wait for the beep, and style. And while the roller continues to rise in temperature in your hair, the pod remains completely cool and ready for the next roller.
Robert Powls, hairdressing icon and the man behind TheO from Cloud Nine says: “Catwalk hair is getting bigger, and there is no easy way of achieving this volume without heated rollers.
“Now the technology is available, we can overcome the notion that heated rollers are fussy and for ‘occasion’ use only. With TheO, you can create hair that is voluminous and full of body and movement – as quickly as styling it with a straightener, literally.”
The rollers, which are available in five sizes, including extra large 60mm, heat from the core out, so they’re hot for the hair, not for the hand.
Using the latest soft grip technology, it also means pins are not required, and you avoid hair breakage and kinks. The rollers are so lightweight, that you’ll hardly know you’ve got them in, and because there’s an indicator on each roller to let you know when it’s done, they’ll be out again in no time - leaving you with hair that’s out of this world, whenever you want it.

Still not convinced???? Let me walk you through the day and how it all works....

Upon entering the gorgeous penthouse suite at The Dorchester... The room was laden with Cloud 9 products galore!

A little table just for TheO

And I give you.... The0 - See, I told you it was a pod!

This is what TheO looks like. A sleek matte black pod with an 'O' shaped dip. Alongside the unit are the various sizes of rollers that are made to use with and a bottle of the prep spray (That doesn't come with the product, it was purely for styling purposes.)
The rollers come in packs of 4 and are bought seperately so you're not stuck with ones that are either too big or too small for your desired look.

After being shown what to do by Steve Carr, senior stylist at Jo Hansford salon, the girls stepped up one by one to try their hand at TheO on a lovely hair model..

Michelle giving it a whirl too...

And here's one he made earlier ;-) How gorgeous does the model's hair look!?!?!

The curls are soft and there is no product in their apart from a spritz of the styling spray...

So, seeing as none of the girls wanted to volunteer their locks... I did! How else could I report back to you lot and tell you if it worked or not!? I took one for the team!! Woo!

Milly was lovely... She seems to have a nack at using rollers :)

Getting a quick photo of the girls with Claire Anderson, the brains behind the operation!

Dot Cotton aint got nothing on me!!! Neither has Mickey Mouse according to *someone*

The rollers were in just long enough to give my hair a bit of bounce and volume which I LOVE!

The end of fun filled session :-)

Michelle of Beautyandtheblog and moi

Milly of PearlsandPoodles and moi

After leaving The Dorchester with our gifts of the micro Cloud Nine straightening iron (I'll show you that in a seperate post!)... We took a stroll down to Oxford Street and somehow Louise, of Get Lippie, and I ended up sipping champagne cocktails in Selfridges!! Yum!!

It was a lovely catch up for us and we got to blag ourselves a chance meeting with the PR reps for the Clarisonic so I might just have one of those zinging through the post! Woooooo!

Overall, the Cloud Nine event was a great success and I'm sure I speak for all the bloggers that attended that we were very impressed. I know I've not seen anything like this before and I'm 100% sure that Cloud Nine are on to a winner! As if tempting us with amazing straighteners wasn't bad enough... The clever people at Cloud Nine are now making us part with our money with this nifty invention but I can tell you one thing... It's worth it!

Oh and incase you were after some more information on the product then head over to:, or visit the following London salons: Daniel Galvin, Nicky Clarke, John Frieda, Errol Douglas, Richard Ward, Jo Hansford, Michael John and Urban Retreat.

I'm off to play with my diddy little straighteners!

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. Hey Dot...d'oh I mean Amrita!! Hehe.
    Fab post. It truly was an awesome day and just great meeting you and the other girlies :)
    Well done for volunteering your locks...they looked gorgeous (especially my one!)
    Can't wait to give The O a go myself!!

  2. What a lovely event. OMG I cant believe you guys went to the dorchester: isnt that where sharon osborne is staying when she goes to london? wow!! gorgeous piccies and lovely post! x

  3. So much fun yesterday, can't believe we actually gate-crashed another event! Love, love, love Daniel Sandler, didn't I tell you he was a sweetheart? ;)

    Can't wait to try out TheO too, thought it looked amazing.

  4. Hey there, glad you love TheO! We think it is amazing, but we are biased as we are a company which distributes Cloud Nine products. It's great to hear from 'real people' like you beauty bloggers - who people 'listen to' because you've developed a reputation for honesty. Hope you continue to use and love your TheO!!!!!!

  5. Oh, and if you want to find out all the latest news about Cloud 9 products and other innovative hair treatments, just pop along and have a look at my blog. I'm relatively new to using social media, so any comments/feedback would be fab and very useful! Hope you find something of interest on Urban Icon's blog - if you are into your beauty products, you deffo will!!!

  6. Thanks for the info, i have recently change to a cloud 9 hair straightener and was wondering what is the best products to use with it?


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