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Friday, 7 May 2010

Review: Models Own New Collection

Hi di hi my lovely people.

How are you all doing? I'm doing great! I've had a fantastic first week at Lancome and have some goodies to prove it :)

So, you all know how much I love Models Own products, especially their nailpolishes! I'm aiming to have all 77 (I think there's more now) by the end of the Summer or by the end of the year at least. They have some amazing new shades like Golden Peach and Jade Stone which I am itching to get my polished nails on. Since I love Models Own so much, the ever-so-lovely people over there decided that they would send me some bits and bobs from their new range for me to have a play with before it hit the shelves (I know, that's so nice of them!)

This is what I was sent:

Powder Blusher in 'Cheeky Pink PB002'

Duo Eyeshadow in 'Night & Day DE001'

Lipstick in 'Nude LS011'

Neon Lip & Face Paint in 'Neon Blue FP003'


The first thing I noticed about the lipstick was the smell (I bet you all knew I was going to say that!) It smells a bit plastic-ish or is it rubbery? I don't quite know but it isn't a very pleasant smell. Anyway, the lipstick itself goes on relatively smoothly and is quite thick so one slick of this badboy on your lips and you're ready to go. I'm not sure if I like the packaging because it looks as if it were a prototype or something but I think that's the look Models Own were going with. No gimmicks. No fuss. Just simplicity. I might be wrong on that but that's what it seems like to me and if that's the case then they were spot on.

Oh and this is what it looks like on. I don't think it quite suited my skin tone because I felt a bit washed out and flat. I'm more of a pink/red/coral girl myself and when I do choose nude shades then I opt for more sheer formulas so I can layer them.


I really like this blush. It doesn't feel chalky on the skin and has great pigmentation. Again, the packaging is a transparent plastic which goes along the theme of no fuss and simplicity. I'm not sure of the staying power because I swatched it on my hand so I'll let you know how I get on with that.

Neon Lip & Face Paint:
When I first heard of these lip and face paints I wasn't too sure if I'd like them purely because of the 'Neon' in the name. However, after having a play around with this product I've realised that it's quite versatile. I don't know how many of you would actually wear a blue on your lips or on your cheeks but it does make for a good eyeshadow base or gel liner.


These are completely matte and are a tad bit chalky for my liking. They are pigmented, which is fab, but I probably wouldn't wear them alone or together for that matter. Due to the fact that there is no shimmer or sheen to these shadows, wearing them side by side would probably look a bit flat. Instead, I'd possibly use the white to add some light to the inner corner of my eye and the black to create a smokey eye.

This is what they look like when swatched. I know they don't seem as pigmented in the photo but that was just after a light swipe of the colour. Like I said, I definetly wouldn't wear these shadows together but maybe as part of another look. I think I need to experiment with these a little before I can say for sure though so I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

All the products are available to buy from Boots and from stores nationwide. The RRP for each product is £5.00 which is quite reasonable, in my opinion!

What do you think? Will you be going out and picking up a few of these bits and bobs? I am tempted to try some other lipsticks so will pop a couple of those in my basket when I'm in Boots next.

I'm going to try and get my Lancome diary entry up for you tonight so stay tuned for that ;)

Take care my loves and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your


SMALL PRINT: All products mentioned in this post were sent to me for review purposes only. I was not paid for this review and I am not affiliated with Models Own in any way.

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4 stiletto lovers had something to say::

  1. Hey dude =D
    Glad your having fun at Lancome!
    I think the packaging looks a bit cheap, and £5 is a bit expensive when you think of collection 2000 and other cheapy brands that produce better looking (and possibly quality IMO)
    I havent seen nothing that really excites me in the makeup range but i definately want to get some of the nail polishes!
    Fab post xxx

  2. I've seen a few posts about the new range recently and I'm still not really sure about it. LOVE the nail varnishes but I just think it looks abit cheap. Still think I'll try a few abits anyway

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