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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Review: Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells

Hi all.

How's everyone doing on this lovely bank holiday weekend? I'm on a mission to sort out my blog and resume my normal review ramblings and all sorts so I thought I'd get cracking with a review of the new Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara.

Being a big fan of Lancome mascaras and having gone through my fair share of them, I was excited when I was given this to test out and have a play around with. Lancome hardly ever put a foot wrong when it comes to mascaras and have been the first brand to try something new. I'm sure we've all owned or atleast tried the Lancome Oscillation mascara!

So, Hypnose Precious Cells is the newest baby of the bunch and has a whole load of scientific research behind it!

What they say:
From 28 days, the formula enriched with our patented Lash Densifier Complex helps regenerate lash condition. With a visibly denser looking fringe, lashes appear longer, as though regenerated. Each day, Hypnôse Precious Cells helps you to reveal your lash potential.

What it looks like:Lancome's trademark jet black packaging

A closer look at the brush. You can see that it is a straight brush, no funky curved design here! There's not a million bristles so you can literally see each individual one.

There was two ways this product could go. It could either be amazing or it could be amazingly rubbish. More often than none, products that offer us miracles very hardly pan out so I was a bit apprehensive about pinning all my hopes and dreams on it. Ok, I'm exaggerating! I'm a mascara fiend so I definitely was expecting some sort of magic with this product.

These are my lashes at the beginning of the trial. They're are sparse and there's literally no natural lift to them at all. My lashes are also quite weird because I have better growth on my left eye than my right eye. Is it just me or does that happen to a lot of people???

And this is what my lashes looked like with one coat of mascara. I used my Shu Uemura eyelash curler to give them a 'natural' boost and then applied a lashing of Hypnose Precious Cells. It's definetly a more lengthening product in my opinion, especially during the first stages of the test. Each lash has an even coating (excuse the clumps, I got lazy and didn't comb through them) and looks seperate from it's sister next door.

Now, 28 days later..........

I can safely say that I have seen a significant difference in my lashes! I don't have as much lash fall out as I used to have which has resulted in a more even lash line and somewhat even thicker looking lashes :) Wahey!

This is what they now look like with lashings of Hypnose Precious Cells. The mascara still lengthens and seperates each lash but now my lashes look thicker because they haven't been falling out endlessly like they used to!

POW!!! This is only with two coats of mascara by the way. I probably could have layered them up even more but I thought two coats was more than enough.

My two cents:
When I first heard about this mascara I wasn't too sure about what it claimed to do. I mean, there are so many mascaras out there right now that are meant to promote a thicker looking lash line and all that jazz but hardly any of them have actually stepped up to the plate. Then came the Hypnose Precious Cells mascara from the boffins at Lancome with all their scientific mumbo jumbo and I was sold. Some selected bloggers were sent samples of the mascara before it hit the Harrods counter in March and way before it hit the Lancome counter at all stores nationwide. As of yet, I have not seen one completed review of the mascara on any blog so I'm glad I can be the first :)

If I hadn't been gifted this then I definitely would have gone out and purchased this with my own money. It's priced at £22 which is relatively standard for a Lancome mascara and I do think it's worth it.

However, there is always two sides to every product and the one that I'm sure most people won't be too happy with is the difference they see in their lashes. I may be one of many that have seen a positive difference in their lashes but then there may also be a majority of people that haven't seen that difference and therefore don't particularly like the product.

It's just one of those things!

Have you tried the Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara?? If yes, then what do you think and if not, then will you be picking it up??? I want to know what you think!

Until our next fling...

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

SMALL PRINT: This product was gifted to me during my internship at Lancome. I am not being paid for this post in any way. This review is based on my personal opinion and experience with the product and is brutally honest.

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