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Monday, 31 May 2010

My Lancome Diary: Week Four

Hi all.

This is my last diary entry about my internship at Lancome. It's been such an amazing experience and I've learnt so much over the last month. I actually can't believe that it's over so quickly and that I've got to get back on the job hunt :( Boo!

Before I carry on and walk you through my last week, I need to say a special and very big thank you to Carla and Kati of @LancomeUK for giving me the opportunity to work in the press office and putting up with my constant ramblings and sometimes me talking to myself (Kati knows what I'm on about!)

So the first part of my last week was spent preparing for a makeup artist open day that we held in the Lancome HQ in one of the fully kitted training rooms. Invites were sent to about 60 make up artists inviting them to have a play around with Lancome products and to basically reintroduce the brand and all the amazingness that is has, and there is a whole lot of amazingness!

With the event being held on Wednesday, Monday and Tuesday were spent preparing the guestlist, arranging the room, ordering bits and bobs and putting together goodie bags for those that were due to attend. Seriously, it's a crazy job but someone's got to do it ;-)

Now when I reflect on the event, it's all a blur! The blur being Carla, Kati and myself shuffling around the room in our stilettos and trying to see to all our guests while at the same time trundling up and down the elevator to collect more guests from reception.
Superman has nothing on us! We did it in high heels!

I know you all want to see the pics so here we go:

The guest book and some amazing coverage of the Lancome and Kate Winslet pre-BAFTA party...

The goodie bags! This was just half of them... There were more on the other end of the room!

Elainey, Maya and Jaysam - Fantastic makeup artists that were on the BAFTA team!

Maya and I taking a sneaky pic before the day got crazy! Oh and these were my first pair of shoes for the day. I changed my shoes 3 times!

I want this setup in my house!!! This is the main feature of the training room as it holds pretty much all of the Lancome makeup and skincare range.

With four big round marble tables in the room, each one had a different selection of products. First we have the skincare table with some of the cult Lancome products along with some new bits and bobs.

Next the lip products... L'Absolue Rouge lipsticks, Colour Fever lipsticks, Laque Fever Liquid Lipsticks, Creme D'Brilliance Lipglosses, Juicy Tubes and Colour Fever Lipglosses.
By the time the end of the came, I was all swatched out!

Spring 2010 O My Rose collection... I wish this stuff wasn't limited edition!!!

The eye products table... Ombre Absolu eyeshadows, Ombre Absolu Duo/Quad eyeshadows, Colour Design eyeshadows and the new Lancome brushes!

Mascaras, eye kohl's and eyebrow pencils...

Pretty brushes!!!

A closer look at all the eyeshadows!

Lastly, the complexion table. Foundations, concealers, blushers and bronzers galore!!!
I think this table saw the most action at the event. Everyone wanted to play with the foundations and especially the concealer pens!

Nailpolishes from past and present collections... I can't wait until my nails are longer so I can paint them with the gorgeous orange shade!


Some of the makeup artists that we had throughout the day milling around and playing with products!

The whole event was a complete success with makeup artists saying they had fun and glad they came and saw what the brand had to offer :-)

The rest of the week, well the last two days, were spent re-organising our little PR space and getting back to business. With a million and one emails to respond to and almost double the amount of product samples to get out, the 2 days literally flew past and before I knew it my internship was at an end.

I've met so many wonderful people and learnt new things about myself and what I'm capable of them which is always a plus! There's been happy times, frustrated times, confused times and grumpy times but I wouldn't have changed them for the world.. The whole experience taught me that PR isn't as easy as it looks and it's not all schmoozing at events. As a blogger, I don't think I'd actually thought about how difficult PR is until I was in the actual industry. There's so much more to it than just sending products out to be tested and reviewed by the average Joe or Josephine. Having experienced the whole thing first hand, I can safely say that press officers have their work cut out for them but I can also say that I love the beauty industry a whole lot more now, if that's remotely possible!

Well that's all folks. I hope you've all enjoyed the ride and maybe even learnt something about the workings of the press office of a luxury brand like Lancome!

Take care and remember to

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