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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Coming Up Next...

Hi all.

I haven't blogged properly in a while so I thought I'd give you a heads up about what to expect on here over the coming week... I have plenty of bits and bobs to show all of you and am really excited!

So, in no particular order, here's what you can expect to see:

- The last entry of my Lancome diary (with lots of pics!)
- A peek in to bag of products I was given as a thank you from the lovelies at Lancome
- Review type affair on the new Giorgio Armani fragrance 'Aqua Di Gioia'
- Review on Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells mascara
- Quick and easy smoky eye look
- An overall glance at all 10 Sleek Makeup palettes (swatches galore)

and I'm sure there will be some NOTD posts and all sorts stuffed in between all of that!

If there is anything else you'd like to see coming up on the blog then email me or drop it in the comments box! I'm open to suggestions :)

Hope you all have a great long weekend!!!

Take care and remember to
Walk tall with a swivel in your hips whenever you're wearing your

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  1. Hey... i'm loving your Lancome diary posts... it's always interesting to c how pr works... espcially 4 journos like myself!! Looking forward 2 the next entry :-)

    Sami xx


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